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Hello ladies! Your Keranique team here, bringing you the first in a series we call “True Life: I Use Keranique.” This series will highlight real women’s experiences with our products that help regrow thinning hair in women, as well as help your hair appear thicker, fuller, healthier and stronger. The Keranique System has helped so many women, and we know it can help you too.

Maryanne is our first subject of the blog. Each month, we will share an update on her progress. So without further ado, here is Maryanne’s fourth month on Keranique:

I have now completed my fourth month of consistently using Keranique products.   As I mentioned in my Month 2 blog, I have had some hair regrowth near the front of my scalp.  Before I started using the Keranique products, my hair was very fine and thin, and although it is still what most people would consider thin, I am very pleased with the changes I have seen.  My hair and scalp are healthy, my hair is soft, and it has more volume.  I also noticed that I am not losing as many hairs in my brush as I had previously.  I can honestly say that the Keranique products are responsible for the improved health and volume of my hair.  And, I believe that I will continue to see regrowth with continued use of the products.

I am going to continue using all the Keranique products (shampoo, conditioner, Hair Regrowth Treatment, and Thickening and Texturizing Mousse) and am confident that I will see additional growth from using the Hair Regrowth Treatment.  In fact, I would recommend the shampoo, conditioner, and mousse for anyone – even those who are not concerned with thinning hair.  The shampoo is sulfate-free and is great for color-treated hair – the slightly minty scent is a plus.  The conditioner is lightweight yet provides enough moisture to keep your hair soft and shiny.  The mousse isn’t sticky, it gives fine hair significant volume and texture for styling, and the scent is not overwhelming.

I am so glad that I took a chance and started using the Keranique products.  I was hesitant about setting myself up for being disappointed.  I have tried so many other products that made promises but that never worked.  If you are hesitant about trying these products, I would encourage you to give them a chance.   I’m happy I did.

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