Celebrities are often looked to for inspiration on everything from fashion, to love advice, and especially for hairstyles. I find myself wanting to switch my hair way too often. If I don’t already have something in mind, I quickly take to Google to find inspiration. When I finally decide on a do, it’s usually from a celebrity who’s worn it first.

These five celebrities over 30 have the most stylish hairdos and perhaps they can be an inspiration to you.

Halle Berry: Pixie Cut

Not only is this haircut effortless to maintain, but its super stylish. You can wear it straight, or add curl to it, and it looks good with anything that you put on. If you’re a mom on the go like Halle Berry this is perfect for you, it only takes about five minutes to tame this kind of haircut. I personally have this haircut because I don’t like hair on my back or face. I also hate styling my hair; it’s just not fun for me. So my solution was to go as short as possible.

Dita Von Teese: Curls

These curls may look hard to keep up but they’re actually not. It’s a classic style that you may have seen on Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith, and it looks rather luxurious. This style can be accomplished with either a wide barreled curling iron, or flexi rods and holding spray. This is another style that will make any outfit sexy!

Naomi Campbell: Bone Straight with Bangs

If you’re someone who has hair that is prone to heat damage, or thinning this style is for you. If you aren’t familiar with Naomi Campbell then you should know that she suffers from thinning hair too, and this has been her go to hair style for years! All you need to maintain this style is a brush. The bangs help mask thinning hair because there is minimal use of a part. For heat damaged hair, getting your trims will be less noticeable because the hair is already straight. If you occasionally want to spruce it up you can add a little body wave by braiding the hair a couple of hours before you go out.

Katie Holmes: Bob

Katie’s mid neck bob with side swept bangs are beautiful, and daring. If you’re willing to go short but not pixie cut short then this could be a pleasant change. Side swept bangs can be pulled to the front, or combed to either side of your face. This style provides variety and simplicity.

Victoria Beckham: Asymmetrical Bob

This haircut is an edgy alternative to your typical bob. Uneven lengths from the front to the back paired with a middle part will help accentuate any face type. It’s long enough to curl or keep straight, and like Victoria you can occasionally add highlights to spruce it up.

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