Thinning hair can be embarrassing but there ways to make it less visible to the naked eye. When women experience thinning hair they usually see it in the same areas, around the edges, and in their part. It’s a hassle not being able to part your hair or pull your hair back, because those are the easiest and quickest styling methods.

The key is to eliminate having to part your hair and find a style that doesn’t require you to pull back your hair. The first obvious choice is a bob with bangs. Ponytails are out of the question when your hair is thinning, it will damage your edges more and it probably won’t look as flattering. Full ponytails are way more flattering than a thin one, but they’re so convenient. So a nice evenly cut bob is your answer, it will leave you confident in your hair cut and less inclined to pull your hair up. Bobs have a tendency to make anyone’s hair look fuller and it covers the edges of your hair. It only shows cases your strong point, and with bangs you can minimize the use of a part. A hairstyle like the bob requires you to keep it trimmed, that will help you keep away split ends whether you intentionally want to or not. It’s a convenient and trendy decision for women with thinning hair.

Some women like to take the easy way out and fill in their hair with extensions or clip ins, but this will only further damage hair that is already thinning. Extensions will only weigh down on roots and damage hair follicles, requiring you to need even more extensions when you’ve finished with them. So instead go the alternate route, cut it off. Starting from scratch has never been a bad thing. Go with a pixie cut, it’s extremely short but it will give you a chance to grow back healthier and stronger hair. It will allow you to focus solely on your roots because you don’t have too much hair to worry about. It takes less heat processing, and products, just moisturizer and an occasional combing.

For those of you who don’t want to take the plunge and get a bob or a pixie cut play around with different ways to style your hair. Do you have a side that’s thicker than the other? Part your hair on the thicker side and your hair will fall more to the thinner side giving it more volume. A simple side part goes a long way, and so does curls. Curling irons are strongly forbidden for thinning hair, but flexi rods are a heaven sent alternative. Leave your flexi rods in for a couple of hours before you go out and upon taking them out you will have a head full of what appears to be thick curls. If you want to make the hairstyle last you can apply a mousse. Keranique Thickening and Texturizing Mousse is made specifically for women who have thinning hair. This product will restore your hairs natural moisture, and helps detangle hair making it easier to style while creating more volume.

While flaunting one of these simple masking hairstyles you can use the rest of the line with Keranique Solution for Thinning Hair for Women and watch your beautiful locks come back to life!

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