Keratin treatments! Keratin shampoos! Keratin combs! Keratin Keratin Keratin!

Keratin is certainly a hot buzzword right now – but what is it and do we really need it?

The answer is… YES! At least, it is if you’re trying to grow healthier, longer and stronger hair it is.

Keratin is a strong, insoluble protein, and the primary component of hair, skin and nails. Since almost 90 percent of hair fibers are composed of keratin, the way our bodies produce keratin has a direct effect on the way our hair grows — or doesn’t grow, as is often the case. People with thicker layers of keratin generally have healthier, stronger hair; while people with keratin deficiency often have weak, dry, frizzy and brittle hair. A lack of keratin is also a chief cause of premature graying, hair loss and breakage. Who knew?

You can increase your keratin levels to repair damaged hair and prevent hair loss by eating a diet rich in healthy proteins, such as vegetables, fish, chicken and dairy. Taking vitamins, such as vitamin C, folate, zinc, and all the B-vitamins, is also helpful. You can even try vitamins specifically formulated for hair health to get the right balance of nutrients!

If increasing your natural keratin isn’t enough, add keratin to your hair topically by using hair care products that contain hydrolyzed keratin – a manufactured keratin protein. These products have no effect on your body’s natural keratin production, but they do help repair damaged hair. So, the next time you’re wondering why your hair is damaged or falling out, don’t forget to consider an important little protein called keratin.

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