Keratin is a protein and the primary component found in healthy hair. Its also found in your skin and nails. Over 90% of your hair fibers are composed of Keratin so how your body produces it and how much it produces has a direct effect on your hair. Obviously, the less Keratin – the less healthy hair you have. Its a fact that people with low levels of Keratin often have dry, frizzy and weak hair. Low levels of Keratin have also been know to cause graying and lead to hair loss and breakage.

How can you increase the level of Keratin in your body?

First, you can eat protein rich foods. Vegetables, fish, chicken and dairy are all good sources of protein. Dietary supplements are also a good source of protein and essential vitamins.

When diet isn’t enough, there are several Keratin rich products you can buy, especially for your hair. Many shampoos contain hydrolyzed Keratin which is a manufactured Keratin protein. These products do not impact on your body’s natural keratin production. However, it does help repair damaged hair!

So, the next time you’re wondering why your hair is damaged or falling out, don’t forget to consider an important little protein called Keratin.

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