For your best haircare, do these:

Wash your after you go to the beach or swim in a pool. Chlorine is not a friend of your hair. If you can’t avoid it altogether (and why would you want to?) then make sure you wash it out after!

Get regular trims. Join the no-split-ends club! Regular trims help keep your hair healthy and manageable.

Go without hair products. Take a day or two each week to let your hair breathe!

Get a scalp massage. You get body massages, but what about your head? Pamper your hair and massage your hair and head. I

And don’t do these:

Don’t wash your hair every day. That can strip the hair of its natural oils.  You can always wet and restyle without washing it!

Don’t tie damp or wet hair with a ponytail holder. When you pull your hair back tightly it damages the hair and also causes the hair to grow closer to the scalp which will end up not having a chance to grow further. 

Don’t use commercial shampoos and conditioners. They have harsh chemicals that can affect different parts of your body as well as causing your hair to become damaged. Stick to brands like Keranique that nourish and treat your hair!

Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet. You can damage the hair by doing because hair is fragile, especially when it is wet. Air dry or use a microfiber towel to dry it.

Don’t use too much heat. If you use a hair dryer, flat iron or curlers, these damage your hair over time. The heat results in drying and breakage. Go hair equipment free every now and then. Also, the sun can cause damage to your hair, so be mindful when you are out and about this summer!

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