If you’re like many women whose hair is getting thinner every day, you might be searching for a way to get back the hair you used to have. A number of hair regrowth products contain an ingredient called minoxidil – have you come across this in your search? Wondering what exactly this is?

Minoxidil is actually a drug. It is a medication that helps slow or stop hair loss, and at the same time promotes the regrowth of your hair. It is used topically, meaning you apply it to the spots on your head where you have hair loss. You will likely see results as long as you use it, and the results will stop if you stop too.

Minoxidil is regulated by the FDA, so it is important to find an FDA-approved version of this product to ensure you are getting (1) the correct amount of active ingredients and (2) exactly what you are paying for with no added surprises that could potentially harm your scalp. 2% minoxidil is FDA-approved for women, while 5% is approved for men. As a woman, you do not want to use the men’s product because it hasn’t been proven safe for women, and men have different hair regrowth needs.

For the best results with Minoxidil, you’ll want to use a shampoo, conditioner and styling products that will also promote healthy, thicker hair – and won’t cause the very hair loss you are trying to cure! Use a shampoo and conditioner with keratin and other proteins it in, since these will strengthen the hair shaft itself, protecting it from breakage. It may also nourish and thicken each strand, making the overall appearance of your hair thicker and fuller.

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