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Follicle Boosting Serum

for All Hair Types

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This scalp-nourishing, fiber-fortifying, ultra-light weight daily treatment serum was developed to support scalp health and nourish the hair follicle. It also protects hair as it penetrates the fiber to fortify from within and contains ingredients that selectively bond with weakened and damaged sections of the hair strand, helping to decrease thinning due to breakage.


An Intensive Strength-Building Hair & Follicle Treatment


The scalp is specialized skin and everyday it’s subject to factors such as heat from styling tools, UV exposure, harsh cleansers, chemical processes, and others that may cause damage to its healthful function and impact the condition and quality of hair. This ultra-light weight, non-tacky, alcohol-free serum combines advanced skincare and haircare ingredients in one premium formula to target and help address hair health at the source of its growth-the follicle. Infused with a blend of peptide, stem cell culture extract, vitamins and botanicals it nourishes, stimulates and supports the scalp.

Powered by the protein-based, proprietary Keratin Amino Complex, it also delivers anti-breakage benefits by penetrating the hair fiber to fortify from within, while helping to protect and add resilience to the hair cuticle, stabilizing the fiber on its surface. It helps thicken the hair fiber and repairs split ends. It contains ingredients that selectively bonds with weakened and damaged sections of the hair fiber to add volume, fiber-thickness and impart strength, helping to decrease thinning due to fiber-breakage. It is ideal and safe for chemically or color-treated hair. Use every day to promote the appearance of thicker, visibly-volumized and fuller-looking hair.

Key Benefits

  • Stimulates, nourishes and supports scalp and hair follicle health.
  • Imparts strength and helps reduce breakage-induced thinning.
  • Helps hair look thicker, fuller, and shinier.
  • Protect, fortifies and repairs existing damage to promote hair fullness.