Taking a trip out to the beach can be a kind reward after a long summer day. Sadly, there are several factors of being at the beach that can lead to hair damage. The shore tends to be windy, which can dry out your hair and leave it brittle. The high levels of sun at the beach can also result in your hair drying, and this type of sun damage can lead to an increased risk for hair breakage. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can damage the cuticle, so taking steps to prevent this is important for hair health. The high levels of salt in the ocean can strip the hair of its moisture which can further increase the risk of hair damage and future breakage. Listed below are various examples of how you can prevent damage to your hair from the beach and methods you can implement to help this summer.

  1. Protecting your hair from heat damage that can be caused by baking in the hot summer sun can help hair become resilient over time. Protect your hair with hydrating products or covering it with a hat. Well-hydrated hair is better suited to deal with the drying effects that wind and sun from the beach can have on it. Keranique has a Lift and Repair Treatment Spray that can help you to protect your hair from the heat damage that can often occur from using heated styling tools.
  2. Wearing protective clothing such as a scarf or a hat can help you to shield your hair from exposure to harmful UV rays that can lead to damage. This can also help your hair by creating a barrier between it and the wind which would likely have led to your hair drying out. 
  3. Using UV protectant products such as creams or mousses that contain SPF that can help to protect your hair from the sun’s harmful rays to reduce the risk of it becoming damaged. This can also help to hydrate the hair and protect it from becoming dried out or brittle from the heat of the sun.
  4. Using gentle hair products can help to reduce stripping the hair of moisture by removing its natural oils that protect it. This will let the hair retain moisture and reduce dryness which could have otherwise led to further damage when combined with the dry, damaging effect the sun can have.
  5. Conditioning hair to prevent it further drying out from the wind as well as the sun’s UV rays is a way to reduce damage from the beach. By keeping your hair well moisturized and conditioned you can reduce the risk of it drying out from the heat it is exposed to from the sun. This can lessen the risk of it becoming damaged and brittle as a result of wind and UV light exposure. 
  6. Use reparative treatments to reduce any current damage so that your hair will not be even more susceptible to drying out and becoming even more damaged by the sun. Keranique carries an Intensive Overnight Hair Repair Serum that can help to support hair health by nourishing the hair follicles and encourages revitalization which can contribute to increased hair growth. 

Do you want to try different methods to prevent the sun from damaging your hair and help repair damage that has already occurred? Do you want to plan these tips ahead for a future vacation for the sake of your hair? If your answer to these is yes, try out some of the methods mentioned above to help protect and repair your hair from sun damage. Keranique offers several products to keep your hair healthy and help repair damage that may have already occurred. It’s our goal to provide products that help hair become healthy as well as balanced to let it reach its full potential. Check out our products page to see the various hair care products we offer that can help you to achieve each of your hair goals.

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