The summer seems so far away. You may be sitting and longing for the beautiful weather and the natural effect the sun and warm weather has on your hair and skin. The beachy, wavy hair that gives the attractive appearance of tousled, relaxed hair. Depending on your hair’s texture, salt water from the ocean and sun exposure can give hair a natural, yet chic appearance. If that’s something you’re longing for, to recreate the beach wave look, you can use sea salt spray in your hair as well as some gentle highlights for the natural sun kissed look. Hairstyles with beachy waves are loose and flowing, giving an effortless look. Beachy waves can be styled in several ways from down, to updos and half updos. Below is a list of different ways you can style beachy waves once the summer hits or when you finally take that much needed vacation!

Ways to style beachy waves:

  1. Loose bun: Loose buns are best suited for long hair that can create a full bun, and when used on beachy waves, this hairstyle helps to give a more elegant, formal appearance to the look if you can strike the right balance between hair being polished with some loose strands.
  2. Loose braids: Loose fishtail as well as French braids are great hairstyle choices for medium to long-length beachy waves. These hairstyles are a great way to pull your hair back in an intricate design without being too rough on the waves since it is a loose and gentle style.
  3. Ponytail: Ponytails are a simple hairstyle for beachy waves that can help get your hair out of your face as well as add a sophisticated and versatile twist. You can have a high or low ponytail depending on the look you want to go for and to make the look even more seamless you can wrap some of your hair around a hairband then seal it with a bobby pin to hide it. This hairstyle requires medium to long length hair to be able to be pulled back and appear full enough.
  4. Half updo: To keep your hair out of your face while still putting your beach waves on display you can style your hair in a half updo. Half updos take a small section of hair on each side from the front of the hair and pull it towards the back either in a small ponytail, tiny bun or braid. The rest of the hair is down in the back which can help draw attention to the beachy waves while keeping hair neat and out of the way. This style is versatile, so it is applicable for anyone who has hair long enough to reach the back of the head.
  5. Down: The classic tried-and-true style for beachy waves is to have it styled down and flowing on full display. This look is the most common one for beachy waves since it fully emphasizes the natural look that you are likely to see after a day on the beach, which is what the inspiration for this hairstyle is based off of. This style can be done for all lengths of hair from short to long since it does not require enough length to be pulled back like an updo does. This hairstyle is also more effortless and needs less preparation and products than other styles tend to require such as hair ties and bobby pins. Since this hairstyle is the simplest of the list it is less difficult to achieve and requires less effort. Since this hairstyle is the most free-flowing it has the least potential to cause pulling on the hair which makes it likely to be a more comfortable choice. Depending on your preferences, you may prefer a hairstyle that is pulled back since it can keep your hair out of your face so having the hair down is not a good choice for those that want this. 

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