Hello ladies, welcome to the Getting To The Root with Keranique. We started this series over a year ago to help answer questions women have on hair thinning and hair loss. But we also started it to clear up misinformation about Keranique and to educate women about Keranique’s amazing products that can help you regrow your hair as well as improve the health of your hair and scalp.

Today, we would like to talk about Keranique’s 4 Regrowth Treatment System Kits. We have created 4 custom kits that have different formulas of shampoos and conditioners that will help you regrow your hair, while addressing your specific hair type. But before we start speaking about the different formulas, we want to share with you a little more on the featured product that each kit contains and is instrumental in your hair regrowth – the Regrowth Treatment for Women.

Keranique’s Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women features the ONLY FDA-Approved ingredient clinically proven to help women regrow hair. The Hair Regrowth treatment re-activates dormant hair follicles to initiate the growth-phase of your hair. It is important to note that this is not an over-night result. Our natural hair growth cycle is about 3 to 4 months so it will take that long to begin to see the baby hairs start to grow. Remember, the Regrowth Treatment is stimulating the follicle to regrow. It takes time it also takes consistency.

So now let’s talk about how to use the Regrowth Treatment and how often. For optimum results, it is recommended to use twice a day, spraying 6 sprays in the morning and 6 sprays in the evening to the area of your concern on the scalp and gently pat in the product with your fingers (Don’t forget to wash your hands after). It can be sprayed on damp or dry hair.

We would like to also point out the Patented & Exclusive Easy Precision Sprayer that is FDA Approved and ensures a consistent, targeted & mess free application.

Here are 2 important points about the Regrowth Treatment:

#1, it’s about the possibility of hair shedding at the beginning of starting to use the Regrowth Treatment. Although it’s possible for a small percentage of users, it is temporary and generally lasts between 2 to 8 weeks. Hair grows slowly, about 3 to 4 months to emerge from the follicle and grow from the scalp. As the Keranique Regrowth Treatment begins to take affect and regrow hair, it revitalizes and stimulates hair follicles. This Shedding can actually indicate that Keranique is working. So don’t worry IF it does happen in the beginning. It’s part of the process. Just breathe and remember you’ve got to shed out those hairs to start growing stronger, heathier hair.

#2, it is important to have a consistent routine using the Regrowth Treatment. You will want to incorporate this as part of your regular Beauty Routine just like how we should clean and moisturize are face twice day to keep our skin looking healthy. Or even how we brush our teeth twice a day to keep our gums healthy and teeth plaque-free. Using the Regrowth Treatment regularly and even after your hair grows back will keep your follicles stimulated to continue growing your hair. If you stop using the Regrowth Treatment after your hair is all back, what happens over that 3-to-4-month period of not stimulating your follicles, you will lose any new regrowth. So, it is important to make this a part of your daily care routine. If you are losing your hair, Keranique has the Regrowth Treatment for Women to  help grow it back – just as long as you’re consistent.

Now, let’s talk about our 4 Complete Hair Regrowth System Kits: Each kit contains a full 30 day size Regrowth Treatment that helps revitalize hair follicles to stimulate regrowth, a 2oz Lift & Repair Treatment Spray that’s a multi-tasking volumizing and hair repair miracle that helps achieve full looking hair and also protects your hair from thermal damage caused by your styling tools.

Each kit also has a selection of shampoo & conditioner pairs that are suited for different hair types. The basis for good hair starts with shampooing and conditioning with the right formula for your hair. Also, when it comes to recommend usage of our Shampoo & Conditioner, we have no set rule as to how often you should shampoo and condition your hair. Just that you find the right Keranique formula for your hair and that you follow your shampoo with a conditioner. After a good cleanse, you need a good conditioner to detangle, repair & protect your hair. Let’s review the 4 kits and what formula of Shampoo & Conditioner is in each.

First, we have our Deep Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner. This kit was developed for normal hair that is unprocessed. It imparts strand-saving moisture to maintain healthy levels of hydration.

Second, we have our Damage Control Shampoo & Conditioner. This kit was developed for structurally damaged, fragile, weakened hair; that may be damaged by chemical, thermal, styling and environmental processes. It helps to rebuild bonds and resurfaces the cuticle to fortify fiber strength and it decreases breakage.

Third, is the Color Boost Shampoo & Conditioner. This kit helps prevent color washout and fade. It has been clinically tested and shown to lock in vibrancy of your color for 20+ washes with True Tone Technology. It penetrates the core and bonds to fiber to prevent loss from process damage and it helps decreases breakage.

Fourth, is the Curl Preserve Shampoo & Conditioner. This kit was formulated for curly or textured hair and will hydrate the hair while helping to maintain curl retention and maintain curl definition. It also helps fight frizz which tends to be a problem for women with curly or textured hair. You should also know that curly and textured hair is naturally drier and naturally much harder to moisturize. Curly and textured hair is also much more prone to breakage.

It is also worth noting that all formulas are sulfate, paraben & dye FREE.

Remember the Getting To The Root series is here to help clarify questions that some of you may have and if you have a comment or question regarding any of the Keranique products be sure leave it in the comment section so we can follow up with you.

Please Take Care of Your Hair and Don’t Forget To Take Care of YOU!

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