Farrah Fawcett hair is making a comeback. Her 70s antigravity hairstyle was all the rage back in the day. Those frosty blonde locks were the envy of Charlie’s Angels fans across the country.

You imagine yourself holstering your weapon, chasing crooks, and flashing a smile, all while looking fierce in your hip-huggers and flipping your bouncing hair over your shoulders. And suddenly you’re wearing a red swimsuit looking perfect.

Oh, yeah. Did you just do a flip of your own non-Farrah hair?

Then reality calls you back and you remember you do not have legs like Barbie or hair like a Pantene model. Nope. You’re 5’4” … with shoes on. And that luxurious hair? Nope. Yours is nothing like that.

Come to think of it, your hair has been getting less and less luxurious and thinner and thinner over time.

You are not alone. So many women are using scarves, hats, buns, and headbands to disguise their thinning hair. Women are teasing, spraying, and gelling their hair into some sort of style meant to disguise the increasingly thin hair.

Thinning hair can be really embarrassing for a woman. Sure, men hate to lose their hair, but it isn’t the same. Men can shave their heads, grow a goatee, and look stylish and attractive.

If a woman shaves her head that’s not what happens. People assume she has cancer, or she’s making some sort of statement. People form definite opinions and feel the need to ask questions. Some women feel liberated when they shave their hair off.

Some of you feel defeated and hopeless.

But there is hope.

Can Your Hair Get Thicker After Thinning?

Yes! Yes, ladies. Your hair can get thicker after thinning. All hope is not lost. Not even close.

Can Your Hair Get Thicker After Thinning? Woman with think full hair looking down at her hair.

Before we tell you what to do, let’s discuss how you got here. Chances are, you didn’t wake up one day and your hair was suddenly thinner. It’s been falling out and not growing back in for a while.

How is Your Stress Level?

Do you deal with consistently high levels of stress? Or have you experienced a major life stressor? Major illness, job loss, divorce, etc… Those are all things that can lead to losing your hair.

If this is you, you are probably dealing with a type of hair loss called telogen effluvium. Fortunately, it shouldn’t last longer than six months. And once the stressor is gone from your life, the hair should go back to normal.

That is a lot of “should.” Sometimes, the hair does not fully recover on its own.

Are You Experiencing Other Symptoms Along With Hair Loss?

Thyroid disease is another culprit responsible for hair thinning. No amount of shampooing or conditioning will fix this problem on their own. If you are fatigued, have dry skin, are grumpy, and are foggy-brained, please have your thyroid checked.

In addition to thyroid disease, other issues causing your hair loss may be psoriasis, diabetes, or lupus. Every single one of these is a medical issue that will require a visit to your physician for diagnosis and a plan for treatment.

Your doctor can also tell you if the issues you’re having are due to nutrient deficiencies and set you on the right track for supplementation and nutrition.

Or you may just have female pattern hair loss. Your hair is probably thinning all over and you have no other symptoms. It may be more noticeable where you part your hair. This frustrating issue can be blamed on DHT. DHT shrinks the hair follicles, causing thinner hairs to be made and eventually stopping the hair from growing altogether.

One of the smartest things you can do is to catch your thinning hair on the front end. The earlier you notice what’s happening and why it’s happening, the better.

And yet, even with all this thinning, you can still hope for better hair. Can an amazing hair care routine make you sprout hair follicles where none have existed? No. But, if you think about those follicles like they fell into a coma, you’re on the right track.

It’s like your hair follicles are little Sleeping Beauties that need the perfect Prince Charming to wake them up. Those follicles are not completely dead. They’re basically in a hair coma.

You are in luck because hair comas can be reversed. It won’t take a visit from Prince Charming, but it will take finding the right products to treat your thinning hair.

Many women experience their hair getting thinner, losing their hair, being able to see their scalp, or having a receding hairline. Once women pass the age of sixty, the likelihood of hair loss increases, too. If it’s not one of these issues, then there could be other changes to the hair like dullness, breakage, and noticeable shedding.

Are You Contributing to Your Hair Loss Issues?

You may be completely unaware of what you are doing that is contributing to the problem you are trying to solve. Don’t be ashamed if this is you. About three out of four women have habits leading to hair loss or thinning hair problems.

If you highlight or color your hair regularly, you may be damaging your hair. The chemicals used to strip your natural color are hard on your hair. Let’s say you are a natural brunette and prefer to go blonde, then your hair is probably suffering from the harsh chemicals used to pull all the natural color from your hair.

Are You Contributing to Your Hair Loss Issues? Woman with extremely bright hair coloring, suffering from harsh chemicals on her hair.

Some of us just want to regain those beautiful highlights from our youth. All those shades of gold and caramel, kissed perfectly by the sun. Or, we are trying to match the hair color of our children, so we lighten and brighten over and over and over.

Regularly using chemicals on the hair often causes hair to become brittle and break off. For some people, it can completely change the hair’s texture, thickness, and curl pattern.

If you use a flat iron or a curling iron on a daily basis, that level of heat is hard on your hair. This is another thing that can cause quite a bit of breakage.

You will need to back off on the coloring, perming, highlighting, and straightening hair with added chemicals and heated styling tools. Otherwise, your hair will continue to thin.

How Much Do You Want Thicker Healthier Hair?

Having thicker hair must be a priority or it may never happen. You must want it badly enough to change your habits. Those habits must be broken or your hair situation will never improve. If you are not committed to changing your habits, then you will never make regrowing thicker hair a priority.

Your desire to see changes must outweigh your inability to commit. Your desire to feel better about your appearance has to take over and propel you toward change. And when you feel better about your appearance, your confidence will also improve.

Did you know that many women would give up dining out, going shopping, or chocolate just to have better hair? Yep. It’s true.

Think about it. You are all dressed up in a super cute outfit … and your hair is flat and stringy. Do you feel cute? Now, imagine that you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt … and your hair looks amazing. How cute do you feel? It’s a stark contrast.

Great hair makes all the difference.

And every woman wants her thinning hair to be thicker again.

What Can Women Do for Thicker Hair After Thinning?

You do not need to keep suffering and watching more hair hit the floor. Dry those tears and stop throwing hair brushes. We have a solution for you.

Barring any medical issues, you only need to do one thing to deal with that thinning hair. Ready for this? If you want your hair to be thicker after going through a period of thinning, Keranique is your go-to resource for thicker, stronger, healthier hair.

Keep reading to learn how the Keranique products can change your life for the better.

  1. Use the best shampoo for thinning hair. Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo is the perfect choice to begin your hair care routine. Keranique has created an ultra-gentle formula to wake up your scalp and stimulate those hair follicles that have not been doing their job.

    Keratin and Pro-Vitamin B5 come together to give your hair an intense clean that washes away the growth-inhibiting buildup from your scalp. This shampooing encourages microcirculation (the process of delivering oxygen and nutrients) to add thickness and strength to your hair.

  2. Follow shampooing with purposeful conditioning. Now that you have thoroughly cleansed your scalp and hair, your hair is primed for conditioning with Keranique’s Volumizing Keratin Conditioner.

    The Keratin Amino Complex in the conditioner adds volume while fortifying and thickening your hair … and it does it all without adding weight. Most conditioners leave each strand feeling heavy, but not Keranique. It leaves your hair silky and manageable with extra body and volume.

  3. It’s time for regrowth. It’s great to add thickness and volume … but when your hair has fallen out, you have much less hair to work with. Keranique can change this for you. Keranique gives you more hair to work with by using the one and only ingredient approved by the FDA for regrowing a woman’s hair.

    Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment is not a short-term solution for thinning hair. It is a long-term treatment for hair loss. It reinvigorates those comatose hair follicles and strengthens them so they can start growing hair again.

  4. You need a great styling product. For the best results, you can’t stop with shampoo, conditioner, and treatment spray. You really need to use the right styling products for hair that is sensitive to breakage and fall out.

    Keranique Lift & Repair Treatment Spray isn’t your mama’s spray. This stuff is multipurpose because it repairs damaged hair, prevents more damage, lifts the hair, provides hold, AND adds volume and fullness. What?! Yep. It does all of that for you.

  5. Supply your body with nutrients for hair growth. When your hair has been thinning, quite often your body needs help to give the hair what it needs. Adding a great supplement will help you do just that.

    KeraViatin Hair and Scalp Supplement contains Curcumin3 Complex and KeraViatin10 Complex. These soft gels are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help your hair from the inside out.

What Can Women Do for Thicker Hair After Thinning? Woman holding Keranique hair products.

Keranique offers an extensive line of products for every woman’s hair loss needs. Curly, straight, wavy … every culture, Keranique has you covered.

Trust Yourself

When you think you’re wrapping that ponytail holder around your hair one extra time, you probably are. When you think you’ve noticed that your hairline is thinning, it probably is. When you run your fingers through your hair and it seems like extra hair is falling out, it probably is.

You are not paranoid. Trust your gut. It is absolutely possible for women to lose their hair. Catching hair loss early puts you ahead of the curve.

In the End

You can have thicker hair after your hair has thinned. It is a definite possibility that can become your reality.

So, no more cursing your hairbrush. No more crying unhappy tears. Keranique is all about tears of joy as you celebrate a new head of hair.

Keranique would love to be your go-to resource for all things hair. Every woman deserves hair she can be proud of. Please SHARE with your friends and family who may be interested in the Keranique Hair Regrowth System and who want to learn more about how it works!

Remember: Please Take Care of Your Hair and Don’t Forget to Take Care of You!

Are you dreaming of having thicker hair again? Drop us a line below. We’d love to hear from you!

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