We have shared with you the Keranique 3-Step System, and today we want to share with you a few Keranique products you can add to the 3-Step system or you can add them to whatever your current hair care routine is to achieve a healthier hair & scalp.

First is our 2-in-1 product that will exfoliate & nourish your scalp and deep-condition your hair; the Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask. The key ingredient in the Micro-Exfoliating Mask, is our keratin amino complex that’s exclusive to Keranique and is a blend of Keratin & Amino Acids that work together to strengthen, repair & protect your hair, while nourishing your scalp. The Micro-Exfoliating Mask is also formulated with Protein Boost Technology to help restore dry or damaged hair. This sebum-clearing, scalp-detoxifying treatment will exfoliate the scalp as well as deep-condition your hair at the same time. This Miracle Mask helps to strengthen, replenish, and restore the hair as well as your scalp. It’s paraben & sulfate-free, so it is safe for color treated hair. For a deep conditioning treatment, dampen hair and apply to the scalp – anywhere from a quarter to a half-dollar size and gently massage it in. Cover with a shower cap, leave on for 10 minutes. Then rinse completely and follow with your Keranique Shampoo & Conditioner.

The second product you could add to your hair care regimen is one that goes the extra step with nourishing and fortifying your follicles; the Intensive Overnight Hair Repair Serum. It too contains our amazing proprietary keratin amino complex that is exclusive to Keranique. Plus, it has another key ingredient – Copper Peptides. Copper Peptides nourish and help support the health of your scalp. We at Keranique believe scalp health = hair health and if your scalp is in good health your hair will be to. This serum is going to help promote thicker, fuller, healthier hair while you sleep. And for those of you using the Regrowth Treatment, you can use The Intensive Overnight Serum in conjunction with the Regrowth

Treatment as an extra boost during your nighttime routine. So, whether or not you use it with your Regrowth Treatment or alone, you will apply to the thinning areas you want to treat and then massage into your scalp. Using the dropper, you will notice it has a line that says 1.0 ml. You want to squeeze to fill the serum to that line and then apply to scalp and massage. If you are going to use with your Regrowth Treatment, you would apply the Serum after the Regrowth Treatment has been applied, giving it at least 20 to 30 minutes to dry before applying the Intensive Overnight Serum.

The third product is our Marula Oil Hair Treatment Mist. It is a light-weight hair oil specifically formulated for women with thin hair. The Marula Hair Mist is enriched with a luxurious blend of Omega-Rich African Oils that provide essential and powerful antioxidants. It is going to smooth flyways and moisturize your hair leaving your hair healthier. The Micro-Mister applicator gives you a fine mist that will hydrate and give you a lustrous shine but will not weigh your hair down. The Marula Oil Hair Treatment Mist leaves hair easier to manage, softer to the touch and free of frizz. You can apply it to clean damp hair before blow-drying & after blow-drying to help control 1frizz and to get that extra shine.

The first 3 products we suggested you could add to your hair care regimen where products to use topically. This final product we recommend is designed to help nourish your hair & scalp from within – our KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Supplements. These clinical strength supplements can be used in conjunction with other Keranique products as part of a complete 360 approach to help support the growth and maintenance of strong, healthy- looking hair. It supplies essential nutrients to support the hair follicle and it protects and fortifies your hair as well as increases your hair strength and improves health of your scalp. The KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Supplement is a breakthrough in bio-ceutical dietary supplements. It provides a next- generation approach to building and supporting healthy, resilient, and beautiful hair from within. And it has clinically proven results! In a 6-month double-blind clinical study of KeraViatin, we found that users had a 24% increase in hair coverage on the scalp and they also had an 11% increase in thickness of individual hair strands. The KeraViatin supplements contain our proprietary KeraViatin 10 Complex. This Complex is fueled by one of the most potent and scientifically researched antioxidants of them all and is a natural anti-inflammatory compound, curcumin. We use Curcumin C3 which is a special liquid formulation that is more easily absorbed and when combined with Omega Max, that is also in the KeraViatin 10 Complex, it has a 20X more absorption rate then regular curcumin. Ladies this supplement is packed with the right blend of nutrients like the Curcumin C3, B-Complex, Biotin and more to help support the strength of your hair and health of your scalp. You just take 2 softgels once daily with a meal and for optimal results you should take for a minimum of 3 months. This supplement is packed with the right blend of nutrients to support the strength of your hair and health of your scalp.

Now that you know what the supplements will do for you and what is in them, here is what is NOT in them…The KeraViatin Supplements DO NOT have gluten, milk, egg, soy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, crustacean shellfish, or ingredients from these sources. That’s Amazing. Plus, there’s NO artificial color, and it is free of preservatives and sugar.

We hope we helped you learn more about some of the other Keranique products that you could add to your current Hair Care Regimen.  Remember Keranique and the Getting To The Root series is here for you and if you have a comment or question regarding any of the Keranique products be sure to leave it in the comment section so we can follow up with you. You can also view a recording of this blog post and get more information here.

So please Take Care of Your Hair and Don’t Forget to Take Care of You!

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