We get it. Time is very precious and sometimes sparse. Most of us are very busy and don’t want to use tons of different hair tools and products to achieve certain hair goals. Luckily for us, there are lots of products out there with multiple uses. This can save you both time and money since you aren’t having to buy so many different hair products.

For instance, a Lift & Repair Treatment Spray can help give your hair an instant lift and volume while helping repair your thinning hair in the long run. Many Keranique products can help give you the volumized look you want right away while it helps treat your thinning hair and hair loss. Our shampoos and conditioners can also do this too!

Hair supplements are great for giving you long, luscious locks but they are great for other areas of your health as well. If you are in need of certain vitamins and nutrients, hair supplements can help keep your immune system going strong while helping your hair grow longer and stronger.

Most people use dry shampoo to keep their hair looking clean and less greasy in between washes. But did you know that it can give you extra volume too? If hairspray is too much for your hair or you just want a little boost, try using dry shampoo. Spray it under your hair and then flip your head to get that lift.

A microfiber hair towel can be a great way to dry your hair, save time on drying with a hairdryer, and help reduce frizz. There are also scrunchies and turbans that you can use right after the shower to help soak up all of the excess water so drying your hair is a breeze!

A comb with different teeth can help you brush your hair, remove tangles, and part your hair when styling. A wide-toothed comb can help reduce damage to your hair, especially if you use it while wet when it is most vulnerable.

A mousse can help tame frizz, give definition to your waves and curls, and increase volume and texture. Many styling products give many different results so that you don’t have to use so many products when you want to achieve a certain look!

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