Although you might be well on your way in properly repairing your hair, trying to hide to hide your hair loss during your journey may be difficult. You might feel embarrassed or just want to look your best. Instead of going through the frustration by yourself, we have provided some tips and tricks on how to style thinning hair!

The first and most obvious key is to find a great hair stylist. They can help recommend a hair style, products, and show you how to style your specific hair type. If you haven’t found a great hair stylist, ask some of your friends who have great hair! Don’t be afraid to spend a little money to get the best of the best. When you look good, you feel good!

If you’re not sure whether you need a haircut or new style quite yet, just do some research for now. Look up hair cuts that work for your face shape and work well with thinning hair. Many stylists suggest shorter cuts above the shoulders. If your hair is too long and too thin, it could look stringy. You also probably don’t need layers or bangs if you have thinning hair. You want to make your hair look as thick and full as possible.

Hair dryers and products can really help give you the volume you need. Flip your head upside down while drying your hair with a hair dryer to give it some extra volume. Products like a mousse, volume spray, and serums can reduce frizz, increase lift and volume, and give you the look you want. Other products like thickening sprays or creams, dry shampoo, and hair powders can also give you some volume.

If your hair is thinning, you will want to be very careful with it! Don’t pull or tug on it with a towel, brush, or your hands. Always be gentle when using hot styling tools as well or if you can, skip them altogether after you blow dry. Curling irons can give you extra volume but be careful not to damage your actual hair strands. Always use a heat protectant spray. If you are putting your hair in a bun, ponytail, or braid, don’t pull too tight or create a too-tight hair style. This can increase breakage and thin your hair out even more. Opt for loose hair styles.

Don’t forget about your shower routine! Switch to a volumizing shampoo and conditioner made specifically for thinning hair to help boost volume and grow your hair back. Be gentle while you wash your hair and give yourself a nice head massage. A head massage can help your blood circulate which can revitalize hair follicles and help your hair grow.

What is your favorite volumizing hair product or tool? What kind of hair style do you have?

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