If your hair is thin or has recently started thinning out, you might be wondering how you can get more volume into your hair quickly. There are tons of products and changes you can make to help your hair appear thicker and more volumized. It’s natural for you to be curious about what options you may have. In this article, we’ll hope to help you discover new opportunities.

First, you will want to make sure your haircut and color are working for you – not against you. If you have thin hair, you should opt for a haircut that is no longer than your shoulders. When the hair is shorter, it tends to have more volume. If your hair is very long and has no layers, it could appear even thinner and limp. Highlights or specific hair colors can also help add the appearance of more volume. The next time you are at your hair salon, ask for the best cut, color, and style that will help you achieve more volume in your hair. Your hair stylist should know what to do. They may give you more layers, which helps to increase volume as well. If you have thin hair, never let them thin out your hair even more.

To help achieve a more voluminous look, you’ll also want to change your hair washing routine. Look for a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically made for thin hair. Rinse your hair with hot water at first to open the cuticles and remove any dirt or product buildup. Don’t use the hot water too long or it could dry out your hair and scalp. Then apply shampoo to your roots and let the shampoo trickle down. Apply conditioner to your ends only. If your hair tends to be dry, use a deep conditioning treatment about once a week. Unless your hair is very oily, try not to wash it every day. A little bit of dry shampoo is great in between washes and can even help increase volume. Look for a dry shampoo that boasts volume or advertises that it is for thin hair. When you use dry shampoo, apply it upside down, much like drying your hair. This can help give your hair an extra boost.

After you’ve washed your hair, it’s important that your styling products complement your desires for more lift and volume. If you want to dry your hair first, be sure to put your head upside down and dry it that way. This helps you achieve instant volume. Mousse, hairspray, serums, and dry shampoo can help give you a bit of volume. Remember that less is more when it comes to products or you could make your hair look greasy. You can always use more as you go. A great product to try is our Lift & Repair Treatment Spray. It helps to repair your damaged and thinning hair while giving you some extra lift and volume instantly.

Next, try a hairstyle that lifts your roots. Using some curlers or teasing your roots can help give you a volumized hair style. Be sure to use hairspray to help the hair stay up and not go limp halfway through the day. If you have trouble learning how to style your hair properly, look up YouTube videos to help you or ask for help from your hair stylist.

Changing up your part can even go a long way in giving you more volume. If you always wear your hair with one certain side part or a middle part, switching it up can create some much-need volume.

Have you ever wanted to get more volume in your hair? Which tip will you try first?

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