When regrowing your hair, you can’t always expect an easy road. Depending on your type of hair loss, it could take some time for your hair to regrow even with the best products. Let’s go over some types of hair loss, how long it could take for your hair to regrow, and some struggles you might face during the process. This article is not to discourage you. It’s to let you know that you’re not alone.

In general, your hair grows about a half-inch per month or 6 inches per year. This is for people with healthy hair and no problems. However, you could be dealing with hair loss that is stunting your hair’s growth. Many people face hereditary hair loss called androgenetic alopecia as they age. This type of hair loss is permanent, but you can use products to help you regrow your hair. You likely will have to use these products indefinitely for the hair to keep growing. Many times, people will see improvement and stop using the product only for the hair loss to return. If you are looking for a hair regrowth product that works, our Keranique Regrowth Treatment contains minoxidil, the only FDA-approved hair regrowth treatment for men and women.

Stress is a huge struggle that you will likely have to face. Extreme stress can cause hair loss which is called telogen effluvium. Often, stress causes hair loss and then the hair loss itself causes you even more anxiety and stress! This can be a never-ending battle of stress and hair loss. The best way to treat hair loss if it has been caused by stress is to find ways to lower your stress levels. Add more self-care into your routine, take breaks from work or technology if that is causing the extra stress, and talk to a trusted therapist for help. Once you get your stress levels under control or heal from a traumatic event, your hair should regrow on its own.

Another struggle in your quest to regrow hair could be allergies. It is always best to do a patch test with new products before you use them on your entire head. If you are allergic to the product or have very sensitive skin, it could cause a reaction. You may see redness, swelling, or other signs of irritation. If you see these signs during the patch test, you should discontinue using the product immediately and see a doctor if you have severe side effects.

Especially if you experience allergic reactions, it can be frustrating to have to try new products and wait until they start to work. Even if you find a product that doesn’t cause a negative reaction, you may need to practice patience and wait a couple months to see results. Don’t just try something once and give up. Many products, especially those for hair regrowth, may take months to show results.

The biggest struggle you may face is determining the cause of your hair loss so that you can fix it. Perhaps you aren’t that stressed and hair loss doesn’t appear in your family tree. Talk to your doctor about potential causes. Hair loss could be caused by vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, auto-immune diseases, hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, and more. The only way to truly find out the cause is to speak to your doctor. They can recommend products and/or lifestyle changes to help you regrow your hair as quickly as possible.

What struggles have you faced when trying to regrow your hair? Have you ever experienced hair thinning or hair loss? What products or lifestyle changes have really helped to regrow your hair?

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