Whether you are single or taken this Valentine’s Day, why not show yourself and your hair some of that love this holiday? Use the day as a simple reminder to take better care of yourself and treat yourself. Even if you feel like everything in your life is perfect, a little self-care now and again is never a bad thing. You can focus on your body, your mental health, your appearance, and of course your hair! Being that we are the hair care and hair regrowth experts, below you’ll find some ideas on how to treat your hair with TLC this February.

Purchase Some New Hair Care Items

Is there a hair care tool or product you’ve had your eye on? Ask for it for a gift for Valentine’s Day or buy it for yourself. Many stores that sell hair care items will have sales this time of year, so take advantage of that. There are so many different products out there for every hair type. If you haven’t purchased a new hair dryer for some time, now is the time to see what’s out there! Technology has changed so much in recent years and hair care tools are really advanced now. You can achieve the look you want with minimal time and effort. There are also many different hair care products including mousses, serums, hair sprays, dry shampoos, treatment sprays, and much, much more. Think past your normal hair care routine and do your research on different products that could help you reach your hair goals much faster. You should also take a look at your brushes and combs and see if those are in need of a replacement or cleaning. Start thinking of your regular products and see if those need a tune up as well. It could be your towels, shampoo, conditioner, hair clips, etc. Remember, you do not have to sacrifice overall hair and scalp health when looking to style your hair. There are styling products that will help promote stronger, longer, fuller, youthful, hair.

Go to The Salon

Winter is a great time to change up your hair color. You might be growing tired of the long, cold days but a change in your look could brighten your spirits. You could try a new hair color, some highlights, a cut, or simply get a trim to get rid of any split ends. What’s better than getting a massage in the shampoo chair and heading out of the salon feeling like a million bucks? If you don’t want to get your hair cut or colored, you could just go to the salon to get your hair styled. Try a style that is difficult for you to execute at home. Your hair stylist will be happy to make you feel beautiful with a new hair style for the evening, whether you are going out or staying in. Getting a blowout is a great way to gain some confidence and feel great, especially if you have a hot date on Valentine’s Day.

Try A New Hair Style or Color at Home

If you don’t want to go to the salon, you can still change up your look at home. Try a temporary hair color that will wash out during your next shampoo. You could try a wild shade like pink or red, add highlights, or just change up your color to something a little bit different. If you are feeling bold, you could cut your hair yourself or give yourself a more advanced color or treatment. Just use caution, do your research, and leave the chemical treatments up to the pros! Get out all of your hair styling tools and switch up your look. If you always wear your hair straight, curl it for the evening. If you have curly hair, use a waver or straightener. Sometimes it is nice to have a completely different look and feel like someone else.

Treat Your Hair AND Your Body!

It is a new year and it is time to take better care of yourself. Do you have some hair problems you’d like to fix? Is your hair thinning, falling out, or simply stopped growing? Do your research and come up with a plan to finally fix those pesky issues. You might want to try a hair supplement to address these concerns. A good supplement helps promote regrowth and healthy hair by providing you with the vital nutrients your body and your scalp need. What is good for your body, is good for your hair. Consuming the right nutrients, whether it be via supplements or by diet is essential to our overall health – our bodies and our hair. While changing your hairstyles and looks are great ways to feel great. You might be more interested in repairing your hair and taking the time to love your hair all over again. That is perfectly fine. Take this time to have patience and be gentle with your hair. Take a break from the hot styling tools, color, and chemical treatments and start giving your body and your hair what they need.

Turn Your Bathroom into A Spa for The Evening

This is a classic Valentine’s Day idea that you can really make your own. You know the drill… face masks, pedicures, and baths. Make sure to use a hair mask or a hot oil treatment on your hair while you pamper yourself. Light some candles, do some reading, play some music, and relax.

It is great to have goals and think of ways you want to improve your hair, but do you ever stop to appreciate what you have? Aim to show gratitude for the hair that you have and what you can do with it. If you are having trouble loving your natural hair, ask someone else to describe your hair. Chances are they are very jealous of your locks and will give you some compliments that can give you a confidence boost.

How will you treat yourself and your hair this Valentine’s Day? What new color or style are you hoping to try this year? Let us know!

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