Did you know that there are different hair dryers for different hair types? If you are shopping for a new hair dyer, you should know all about the different types. Before you go shopping, know what kind of texture your hair is, the length you generally keep your hair at, and what kind of hair you have.

In general, there are two types of hair dryers. There are ionic and ceramic hair dryers. Ionic hair dryers use negatively charged ions. They break down positively charged water molecules faster, so your drying time will be shorter. Ionic dryers are great for those who want their hair to dry quickly, or have curls. This is because you can use a lower heat temperature more effectively and curls can be preserved at lower temperatures.

Ceramic hair dryers are great for distributing heat evenly throughout the hair. They also allow you to use lower temperatures and avoid damage from the heat. Ceramic dryers are generally less expensive than ionic ones, if you have a price point in mind.

If you have thick and/or frizzy hair, you should opt for an ionic hair dryer. This way, you can cut down your drying time. Ionic hair dryers also tend to help prevent frizz in all types of hair. If you have thin hair, you should choose a ceramic hair dryer. The dryer will help regulate the heat in your hair, which will reduce any damage to fragile, thin hair.

If you have curly hair, be sure to buy a dryer that comes with a diffuser. A diffuser is an attachment that helps to smooth curls and give them a great bounce. For all hair types, look for a dryer with different heat settings and a cool blast button. This can allow you to change your hair drying experience each time, and the cool blast button helps seal the cuticle when you’re finished.

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