For women who begin to experience hair loss, the discovery can be pretty emotional, and honestly alarming for many of us. Our hair is, after all a large part of our identity; before we utter a word as we walk into a room, our hair, just like our choice of clothes, says something about us, it broadcasts an important part of our personality and personal style. So, it’s no surprise that when we realize we are losing hair, we begin to search for information, for expertise, and for solutions. A quick search on hair loss and regrowth, often doesn’t help though; the internet is filled with bloggers and others without qualifications or background, who offer “expert” advice that only adds to the confusion and can delay appropriate treatment. There are products and treatments that are proven and work wonderfully, but there is also so much false information out there, that it can be discouraging at best, and at worst have consumers try products that make false claims and give up hope and the chance at effectively addressing the problem. How do you find a real solution in the face of all the noise? Hair loss is a medical event and like anything medically rooted, you need to look to science to best understand it, so let’s examine some of the most common myths:

Myth #1 – Lather, Rinse & Lose Hair? There are plenty of blogs that warn washing your hair too much causes hair loss. Sorry dry shampoo fans, but science isn’t on your side here! Washing your hair does not cause hair loss. Clean hair is healthy hair!

Myth #2 – The Produce Aisle Can Spare Your Hair- Some of the most stubborn and honestly misleading myths regarding hair loss prevention include the use of various ingredients like garlic, onion, avocado, sage, ginger, licorice, and dozens of other food items with fantastical folklore claims to grow hair. We’re here to say, save your garlic for your sauce or soup, because there is not a single scientific study that supports these myths!

Myth #3 – Hair Loss Only Happens as You Age-So not true! Sorry to say that hair loss can begin at any age and can even be found in women in their teens. Regardless of the age of onset, hair thinning is often chronic and progressive, so treat it as soon as possible.

Dealing with hair loss is challenging enough; in order to tackle any issue sensibly you need facts to steer you to effective and proven solutions. Don’t lose yourself to internet noise, look for credible science that will help inform and educate you!

2 thoughts on “Unmasking Some Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth Myths

  1. Kathy says:

    thank you for the information, i am 62 years young, i have long hair, and want to keep it, there are so many companies promising hair growth, please be honest and give me your best review, How can i keep from losing my hair.

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Hi Kathy, thank you so much for your interest in Keranique! Getting your hair back and growing thicker, fuller hair is more than just using one product, which is why we created Keranique as a system that is easy to use and with each product, you are getting closer to fuller, healthier hair. As regrown hair can be unmanageable, our complementary products not only protect and strengthen your existing hair, but also aid in the overall quality and manageability of the your regrown hair. Our Revitalizing Shampoo is specially designed to strengthen the hair, decrease loss due to breakage and gently deep clean to reduce impurities. Our Volumizing Keratin Conditioner fortifies, protects and volumizes fine and thinning hair and conditions without weighing your hair down. These prepare the scalp for our clinically proven Hair Regrowth Treatment. Finally, our Lift & Repair Spray is much more than a styling product. Not only does it provide extra lift and support to the root of the hair with a Keratin Amino Complex which thickens, strengthens and protects the hair but it also is clinically proven to seal 96% of split ends. It penetrates and bonds to your hair shaft, giving you instantly fuller and thicker looking hair. And those are just the products that come in the basic Keranique Regrowth System. We offer many other products that support hair regrowth while customizing to suit individual needs:
      Thank you
      Team Keranique

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