Oil for your hair has been growing in popularity for years. While it may seem strange to put oil in your hair, there are many benefits for different hair types. It can be especially beneficial during winter months when your hair may be at its driest or you are looking to add a little shine.

Lightweight oils like argan and marula oils absorb fast into your strands. They leave a satin, shiny finish without looking greasy. Oils can keep your hair moisturized and fully coat your hair cuticle. They also get rid of frizz and add a beautiful shine very easily. The best part is that you only need a little bit to gain all of the benefits – so it is a cost-effective treatment as well. Last but not least, oils can also help fight dandruff and prevent dry hair and split ends.

Marula oil seems to be the holy grail of products for your hair, but what is it made of? The marula fruit is a yellow fruit that contains a hard, brown nut and white kernels. The oil that goes into your hair products is extracted from the kernels and the nut. It also provides a soft, fruity scent.

Keranique Marula Oil Hair Mist contains Mongongo/Manketti Oil, Marula Oil, and Cyperus Esculentus Root Oil. These oils work together to provide a protectant layer of antioxidants, while they provide all of the benefits like fighting frizz, adding shine, and adding moisture. It can be helpful to use hair oil as a mist so you don’t apply too much accidentally.

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