There is something about the changing of seasons that might make you want to change your look. If you enjoy changing your hair color depending on the season, it may be time for a change! Generally, fall and winter months are the best times to go a little darker, but it all depends on your skin tone, eye color and personal preferences. Let’s see what are the top hair colors for this fall and winter.

  1. If you want to go very dark, but don’t want black hair all over, try this. Ask for black hair, but with dark brown highlights. It will give you that dark color you crave, but won’t be too harsh. This can be especially helpful if you have a very light skin tone and don’t want to wash yourself out.
  2. Gray is trending! Gone are the days where everyone wanted to hide their gray hair. Now, many people are coloring their hair gray or getting gray highlights. Try a subtle silver shimmer or simply stop worrying about coloring your hair all the time. If you like the look, but don’t want to go completely gray, try some bright silver highlights or lowlights.
  3. If you love the look of bright or unusual colors, try dark blue this season. If you opted for pink or purple in the summertime, try a darker hue for the fall and winter. Dark blue can be blended easily, but still gives you that rebel streak.
  4. Red hues are perfect for fall especially. Ask your hairstylist which red color they recommend with your skin tone and eye color. Darker red hues are perfect for the holidays to give you a gorgeous look. You can even opt for a burgundy, which is a dark red or purple.
  5. Brighten up the winter with caramel or chestnut all over color or highlights. This can truly brighten up your skin tone as well.
  6. If you love being a blonde, try coloring your hair an icy blonde. The hue is almost white and it looks stunning on many people. If you prefer a warmer blonde color, try the shade that goes from light brown to dark blonde.

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