What are Hair Masks and Do You Need Them?Is your hair currently a little unruly? Sometimes, hair needs a little more TLC than simple shampoo and conditioner can give. That’s where hair masks come in. Whether you purchase one at a store or make your own, hair masks can help to repair damaged hair, produce shine, and help your hair grow longer faster.

Generally, you can use hair masks as a type of leave-in conditioner. For example, you might leave a hair mask on for around 3-30 minutes and then rinse. Some you can even leave on overnight for super soft and shiny locks.

Think of a hair mask as a deep conditioning treatment. You wouldn’t use one every day, but perhaps you might use it once a week or even longer. Sometimes you might only use a hair mask when your hair needs a little extra help. Hair masks can help repair damaged hair if your hair has been fried from the environment, hot styling tools, or chemical coloring or straightening. Hair masks might be helpful during the summer if you swim in chlorinated pools or are in the sun a lot or in the winter when hair tends to be drier.

Hair masks tend to contain rich ingredients like oils with more than you would find in a regular conditioner. Even if your hair is healthy, it can benefit from a hair mask every month or so. Look for hair masks that contain jojoba, olive, almond, or avocado oil. Bananas, honey, and yogurt are great natural ingredients if you plan to make your own hair masks with products you already have on hand. Pinterest and Google have a lot of great recipes for DIY hair masks, depending on the type of results you desire.

If your hair is colored, look for hair masks specifically made for color-treated hair. These masks can help your color last longer and repair your hair if it has become damaged and dull. They can also give a boost to your color and give you more volume.

It can’t hurt to try a hair mask. You generally apply the mask to the bottom strands of your hair, especially if you have a naturally oily scalp. Massage it in and then let sit for the appropriate amount of time. Then rinse, with cold water is best, and wash and condition as normal.

Try our Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask. It is a pre-shampoo treatment that can help repair dry or damaged hair. It also exfoliates your scalp and clears build-up that can make your hair damaged, dull and itchy. It then deeply conditions your hair to support hair growth.

What do you think about hair masks? Do you use them on a normal basis? Or have you never tried one before?

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