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Summertime means fun, relaxation, friends, family and of course, swimming in the pool. Though you might think that swimming is harmless and may even be good for your hair, this isn’t the case. Chlorine is used to fight off bacteria in the pool and keep the water clean. In order to do so, chlorine must be a strong chemical. So, what can you do to protect your hair from chlorine this summer?

Take Precautions

When you jump in the pool with dry hair, the hair shaft absorbs the chlorine, causing damage that robs your hair of hydration. To help avoid the chlorine absorption, we recommend that you wet your hair beforehand and add a leave-in conditioner or a serum to your hair to act as an extra barrier between the chlorine and your hair shaft. The other option is to wear a swimming cap. We know many women tend to not like this option, but it’s a very effective way to protect your hair from the chlorine.

Hair Aftercare

Have you ever spent a day swimming and then noticed that your hair is turning green? It’s not the chlorine’s fault. In fact, it’s the copper that is naturally in the water. The chlorine helps to oxidize the copper which then attaches to your hair and its proteins, thus depositing the green color. The good news is that preventing green hair is easy. Simply wash your hair after your swim and be sure to shampoo it really well to rinse all of the chlorine out. After the shampoo, use a conditioner to help with the dryness that the chlorine may have caused.

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