Why You Should Use a Silk Pillowcase For Better HairHave you ever stopped and thought about what kind of pillowcase you’re using? Many of us use cheap cotton pillowcases. While they are comfy, there are better options out there if you’re looking to take better care of your hair and skin. Many people claim that silk pillowcases have lots of benefits for your hair and your skin.

Benefits of silk pillowcases for your hair

When you toss and turn at night, your hair is creating friction against your pillowcase. A silk pillowcase doesn’t do this. In turn, it will help your hair become less frizzy, softer, smoother, more moisturized, and shinier.

You may also notice less breakage, damaged hair, and no more bed head! Crazy to think that all you have to do is swap out your pillowcase. The best part? Silk pillowcases are not that expensive. Many range between $10-30.

Benefits of silk pillowcases for your skin

While we’re at it, let’s go over the benefits that silk pillowcases have on your skin. Just like silk pillowcases can help you retain more moisture in your hair, they can do the same for your skin. Ever have those creases on your face when you wake up? Yeah, those will be gone too!

Silk is also naturally cool and naturally hypoallergenic. Sounds pretty great! Have you ever tried sleeping on a silk pillowcase or on silk sheets? Do you enjoy them or do you find them too slippery to sleep on?

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