Gray hair. Spotting those first few strands can feel like the beginning to an end of an era. No matter what age you are when the gray hair hits, at some point you will probably be asking yourself why it happened. Here is the science behind the graying process, let’s dive in!

woman with gray hair flexing arms

The Science of Hair Color

Let’s start off simple: Hair follicles have a special pigment cell that determines the color of your hair called melanin. When the hair follicle stops producing melanin, your once brown, red, black or blonde hair won’t be able to grow back with that same color. Instead, new hair strands grow in that are silver, gray or white in color. This is a natural process that occurs as we start to age, and the cells begin to die.

Gray hair mainly occurs because we are getting older, even if we still like to think we’re twenty-nine. Genes play a big role in determining just when the gray hair will hit, though other factors like stress do play a role too and can cause your hair to fall out.

Now What?

There are a few ways you can handle your gray hair. The easiest would be to do nothing and embrace the new beautiful stage you’ve entered and go all-natural gray. For many women, they just aren’t ready for the gray (even if they look fabulous!). If you decide to start coloring your hair, keep in mind that the Keranique Color Boost Shampoo and Conditioner is out there. This has all the hair and scalp-loving goodness of Keranique with the added protection from True Tone Technology that color-treated hair needs.

This article is not intended to treat any disease or offer a substitution for professional medical advice.

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