Changing up your hair color for spring can be a lot of fun. With warmer weather on the horizon, a new hair color can help you feel refreshed and beautiful. Trending hair colors this Spring include shades of pink, a reverse ombre and inky black. No matter your choice, your hair is going to look great which means you will be feeling beautiful and confident.


Pink hair, whether it be rose gold or more of a pale pink is making a huge statement in Spring 2019. This trend debuted during fashion week and it looks like it is here to stay. Though it seems like a bold choice, it works really well and fits in perfectly with common pastel colors we see pop up in spring.

woman with pink purple and blonde reverse ombre hair

Reverse Ombre

Ombre has consistently been a top trending hairstyle for a couple of years now and it doesn’t look like it’s giving up its spot anytime soon. This Spring is a great time to put a twist on the tried and true hairstyle and flip it with a reverse ombre. To take it one step further, use fun, bright colors instead of traditional blondes and browns.

woman with inky black hair

Inky black

This hair color is not meant to bring you back to your goth, punk rock teenage days. The inky black color is all about the shine and gloss, in fact, the shinier the better. Keep in mind, it will be very easy for the color to fade so you’ll want to make sure you use shampoo and conditioner that protects and boosts the color of your hair like the Keranique Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo, Color Boost for Color-Treated Hair and Revitalizing Keratin Conditioner Color Boost.

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