Styling Tips for Short Hair

If you have short hair, you know that it can be low maintenance, but it can also be hard to deal with. If you have very short hair, you can’t just throw your hair in a ponytail or a bun on a bad hair day. You have to either wear a hat or deal with it. Here are some important styling tips if you have short hair or are looking to cut it:

  1. First of all, you need to get the right cut for your hair type. Just because you found a photo of a short hairstyle that you like doesn’t mean that it will look good with your hair type. Some cuts look better with thin, thick, curly, wavy, or straight hair. Ask your hairstylist for help on which cuts look best with your specific hair type and face shape.
  2. If you are a short hair newbie, ask your hairstylist which tools and products you will need to achieve the look you desire. You may want to have your hair dry naturally straight, curly, or get a textured look. Different products and tools can help you get a certain look. Our Thickening & Texturizing Mousse is a great product to use for short hair. You may also need to get new shampoo, conditioner, and brushes for your newly chopped hair.
  3. Try some new hairstyles that look great on short hair and can simultaneously hide a bad hair day:
    1. Try a French Twist. You can achieve this look even with short hair. Simply twist what you can and pin it really well. Then use hairspray to set.
    2. Use mousse or balm to create texture in your hair.
    3. Try a braided look. Frame your face with some small braids or twist braids around your head.
    4. If you need a quick way to look cute and hide dirty hair, use a scarf or a headband for a whole new look.
    5. Slick your hair back for a chic and classy look on a night out.

Do you have short hair? Do you plan on cutting your hair short any time soon? What are your favorite looks for short hair?

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8 thoughts on “Styling Tips for Short Hair

  1. clare dinapoli says:

    I need to use hairspray to keep my style in place. when I apply the growth treatment it becomes hard to recomb during the day. its stiff and sticky. what do you recommend?

    • Keranique Hair says:

      HI Claire, thank you for contacting us. I would like to discuss your usage and goals further to ensure that you are using the Keranique Regrowth System for optimal results. Keranique Regrowth Treatment should be applied to your scalp, after it is absorbed into your scalp, then you style with hair spray or Keranique Lift & Repair Treatment Spray. I have sent a contact request to our Customer Relations team to reach out and provide support.
      Thank you

  2. Pam Crosby says:

    I’ve been using keranique for about four weeks and already can feel new growth coming through. I’m so grateful for this product. I have been diagnosed with chronic Leukemia
    And will be on some kind of mild chemo everyday for the forseeable future. One of the side effects is thinning hair because the chemo suppreses the growth of hair. Not on this girl, I’ve found thd answer thank you again.
    PS. My husband has start to use it today. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Hi Pam,
      Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis #cancerfighter We wish you the best of luck with your battle and are so happy to hear that you are experiencing the expected results!

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Hi Annette,
      We are sorry to hear about the issues with receiving your shipment. I have sent a contact request to our Customer Relations team to better assist you with locating your package. Thank you

  3. Christine Hooper says:

    I am a woman of color and we do not shampoo our hair every day because of the time it takes to dry and style. What would our regime be with the Keranique products.

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Hi Christine! You can definitely continue your same regimen of washing your hair as often as you do now when using Keranique. When you do wash and condition, be sure to use the Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and Keratin conditioner so that you can get all the benefits of the Keratin Amino Complex and other nutrients to strengthen, protect and provide healthier looking hair.
      Thank you

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