Keranique products are designed to not only help women regrow their hair, but to help them maintain healthy, fuller and thicker looking hair. Using Keranique products on your hair can help increase the volume, thickness and manageability of your hair as well. Often, people wonder if it is safe to use Keranique products on their hair. The answer to that common question is below.

Who Can Use Keranique

Keranique’s hair regrowth treatment does contain the only FDA approved ingredient that is clinically proven to regrow women’s hair. The ingredient is minoxidil, and anyone over the age of 18 is able to use it. The treatment is friendly to all hair types and textures as well. It’s encouraged to consult with your physician before using minoxidil if you have serious heart health issues or are taking other medications.

Products for All Hair Types

Keranique has many other products that are friendly to all hair types as well. Keranique’s collection of hair products include shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair, textured hair and curly hair. With a wide variety of products, finding the right one is quick and easy with Keranique.

Feel Beautiful

All women deserve to feel confident and excited about themselves, and improving the health of your hair is a step in the right direction. Whether you want help with hair regrowth, or just want a product that can help maintain healthy, thicker hair, Keranique has formulated a product for someone like you. It’s important to remember that everyone’s hair reacts to Keranique differently, and the hair regrowth process can take several months before seeing significant results.

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