New hair for the fall is the perfect transition into September as August is coming to an end. If you’re searching for your autumnal color, you’ve probably begun to notice what the season’s trending colors will be. Usually, hair colors jump from blondes and lighter shades to browns and darker colors as the seasons change and the weather gets colder and sunny highlights fade. If you are looking for that perfect Instagram photo to post, consider trying out one of these trending fall hair colors.

  1. Sun-kissed Brunette


If you are not ready to kiss summer goodbye just yet, this hair color may be just the thing you need. Sun-kissed brunette includes a solid, dark hair color with some lighter shades of highlights worked in. This hair color is the perfect transition from summer to fall and will slowly prepare you to go totally dark as winter approaches.

2. Strawberry Blonde


Red, orange and yellow are the colors of fall, as we all know. Strawberry blonde hair will complement the colors of fall very well, and still be unique enough where you won’t be camouflaged into the leaves.

3. Ombré


The trendy ombré hair style is still going strong and that is completely okay. Perfect for any season with a variety of colors and styles to choose from, the transition from dark to light or vice versa, is one of Keranique’s top picks for fall 2018. A successful ombré will have a smooth transition between the two colors, looking very natural.

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