What makes Keranique’s hair regrowth treatment so unique is the ingredient with which it is formulated. The treatment contains 2% minoxidil, the only FDA-approved ingredient that is clinically proven to aid in the women’s hair regrowth process.

Surprisingly, before realizing its power to aid in hair regrowth, minoxidil was originally used as a medication to treat high blood pressure. As research and studies were being conducted on this ingredient, patients began experiencing accelerated hair growth, thus leading to a scientific breakthrough.

Shortly after learning about minoxidil’s “side effect” so to say, more research was conducted, and hair regrowth systems began to surface. Years later, no other ingredient has been approved by the FDA to treat hair loss—minoxidil was a scientific breakthrough.

After using Keranique hair products for about six month, women often begin to see all around improvements with their hair: the hair is healthier, fuller and stronger. Nursing your hair back to health is an important step in the hair regrowth process. Without healthy, nourished hair, hair regrowth can be very difficult. It is recommended that women experiencing hair loss and thinning use Keranique’s Hair Regrowth System to support the minoxidil for best results.

Without minoxidil, Keranique would not have been able to create the outstanding hair regrowth system that it is today. The story of minoxidil for hair regrowth is truly fascinating and Keranique is proud to be a part of the story.

Now it is time for women to break the silence on their struggles with hair loss and join with the thousands of other women to feel more empowered to take control of hair loss than ever before.

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