Have you recently become a new mom and are now freaking out because your hair is falling out? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal – and temporary! A lot of women experience hair loss postpartum and after having a thick and shiny head of hair during the pregnancy it can be shocking to say the least. Don’t freak out—this is just a temporary phase.

The Different Phases of Your Hair

Your hair goes through different cycles. All hair has a growth phase and a resting phase. The growth phase usually lasts about three years, while the resting phase lasts about three months. Of course, the time can vary from individual to individual. When hair is in its resting phase it remains there until the new hair growth pushes it out, and you lose your hair. Luckily, all your hair is not in the same phase at the same time. Around 85-95% of all your hair is in the growth phase at any point in time which means when the resting phase comes you won’t lose all your hair.

What happens to your hair while pregnant and when the baby is born?

While pregnant, hormonal changes mess with your hair cycles, and during pregnancy the percentage of hairs in the growing phase increases. Thanks to the hormones, you can enjoy thick and shiny hair for nine whole months – wonderful! But what happens once your bundle of joy is born?

Once your baby is born the hormones change once again and the result this time is the other way around. This usually happens three months postpartum, when a larger number of hairs go into resting mode, meaning you lose hair.  As mentioned before, every woman is different, and everyone won’t experience this condition as much as another. But what can you do once your hair starts to fall out?

Here are some tips on how to deal with your hair while you’re waiting for it to go back to its normal cycle:
1. Get a haircut. Maybe it’s time to get a new hairstyle? A lot of moms choose to go shorter after having a baby, or maybe a haircut that requires less styling. Using a dryer or a curling iron will take a toll on your hair. Don’t forget to be gentle while brushing your hair! Brushing too hard might cause your hair to fall out in bigger clumps.
2. Take showers using volumizing shampoo. Using a fortifying product like Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo can add body to your hair, and help maintain a healthy scalp.
3. Eat well. Make sure to get the nutrients you body needs. Try to eat foods that include iron, vitamin C, vitamin D, omega-3s and magnesium. These vitamins are suggested to improve your hair and overall health.
4. The most important part. Don’t forget to rest now and then. Taking care of a new born can definitely be stressful, and being exhausted can take a toll on your body. Ask for help from trusted loved ones to catch up on sleep—even if it is just an hour here and there.

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