Like many women, you might not consider your hair brush as part of your hair care routine that needs a lot of attention and maintenance. More of your attention is on the products you use and the hot tools used to help you get a desired look. However, it is important for the health of your hair that you stop what you’re doing and toss that old hair brush that you’ve had for years. Experts say that even if you’re cleaning your brush once a week, which is recommended, you should still toss your hair brush after six months to one year of use.

Here’s why:

1. It’s Causing Dandruff

Your hair brush has been collecting your hair and everything in it for as long as you’ve had it. That means your brush is full of hair product, oil, mites, and dead hair & skin cells. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast that can be contributing to a flakey scalp or rash.

2. It Doesn’t Work As Well As It Should

Bristles that are damaged or melted just aren’t doing the job like they used to. The brush you use can help the look and shine of your hair, and a new boar bristle brush can help do that. The hair that’s stuck in your brush creates a felt that means the bristles are shorter and may not be detangling as effectively as they could.

3. It’s Damaging Your Hair

Bristles that have become mangled over time are not kind to your hair. They can tear at your strands as you try to detangle. Since healthy hair starts at your scalp, your hair can be damaged if the scalp is being harmed by the residue on your hair brush.

4. It’s a Hot Bed for Caked-On Product

Your hair brush should be distributing your natural oils throughout your hair, not old product. To clean off your hair brush, fill your sink with warm water and add some shampoo. Get into the cracks between the bristles with a child’s toothbrush for a deep clean that won’t ruin your brush.

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