The health of your scalp can often predict the health of the hair shaft. A nourished scalp is the foundation of better looking and feeling hair. Many shampoos can strip your scalp and hair of natural oils that are meant to protect your hair. If you have weak or thinning hair, this is something to avoid. That’s why Keranique formulated the Scalp Replenishing Shampoo. This shampoo gently cleanses your hair while the keratin amino complex protects hair from further damage.

In an article in May, Byrdie’s beauty editor included the Keranique Scalp Replenishing Shampoo on a list of high quality beauty products she wanted to spotlight. She chose this shampoo for how it nourishes your hair while strengthening, and noted that it is formulated without sulfates that can be harsh on your hair’s natural oils. Also included on this list were products ranging from Marc Jacobs to The Body Shop.

To try this shampoo for yourself, visit Keranique Scalp Replenishing Shampoo.

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