With the Holidays approaching, so are heartwarming days with family and friends. However, preparing for those days is less than a pleasant experience. Buying the perfect gifts, the right food to cater to everyone’s specialized diets, and organizing travel plans can drive you crazy. An unfortunate side effect of all this stress can sometimes be hair loss.

Anxiety triggered by stress sometimes causes hair to become weakened, or fall out. When your body is under constant stress, your immune system can be compromised as well. When your immune system is down, inflammation can occur throughout the body. Research has found that skin cells in the scalp were able to more easily regrow hair when follicles were protected from inflammation.

The best way to cope with the stress of the holidays is to take it day by day. Here are some tips on controlling holiday stress:

Create a budget

A lot of the stress of the holidays can be attributed to the amount of money spent on gifts, food and travel. Bills after the holidays are over can be overwhelming, so it’s important to be honest with yourself about how much your family can spend on gift giving or food. Those expenses add up quickly!

Take time for self-care

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you’re overwhelmed, and taking time for your self can be a good break from hectic holiday planning. Take a bubble bath and listen to music, read a book in front of the fire, or check out a new television show. Put it on your schedule to make it a priority.

Create a master checklist

Having one place that outlines all those “to-do’s” helps give you a visual of what you’ve completed, and what still needs to be done. Checklists decrease the likelihood that you’ll forget something and need to fix something last minute.

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