As the seasons change you might use it as a reason to change up your hair color, cut, or style. Maybe all of the above. A lot of women tend to go with warmer colors in autumn. Usually, warmer colors tend to be darker than a common hair color you would see in the summer. In the summer,  you see more ashy or cool blonde toned colors, where as in the fall, you’ll notice a lot of warm caramels and auburns. If you do decide to change up your color this Fall, you can ask your hair stylist which color would look best with your skin tone.


As far as color techniques go, balayage and hand painted dimension will continue to be the most sought-after style. Balayage and hand painted colors give you the soft highlights with warm colors that look very natural. Especially for women with curly or wavy locks. Soft waves are still going strong, so don’t expect to see a flat iron look trending any time soon.

A lot of women grow their hair out for colder months to come. However, many hair lengths are currently trending at the moment. Simple ponytails are a run-way favorite right now and will continue to be for awhile. Therefore, a trim, some warm hair toner, and some ponytails might be all you need this autumn to look and feel fabulous. Unless of course, you are feeling extra creative and are itching for a change. After all, autumn is often looked at as the perfect time for a fresh start.

Will you make a change in your hair color, cut or texture this season? Do you usually use fall as the perfect time to change up your hair style? Share with us and don’t be shy – send us photos of your perfect fall hair!

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