Ahhh, summer. We all love it. But does your hair suffer in the summer months? From the sun to chlorine filled pools, to the ocean or lake, to the humidity and heat, our hair can get damaged and dull very easily. In the summer, our hair is usually plagued by at least one, if not all, of these issues. Here are some easy tips to save your hair from the elements of summer:

  1. When the weather heats up and it is super humid outside, your hair might start to frizz, curl or get flyaways. Your hair is probably craving moisture from conditioning. Try a hair mask or just make sure you are conditioning the ends properly. If you still get frizz every day, try a light serum or spray. It won’t hold down your hair or make it heavy, but it will tame the frizzies. If you want to reduce frizz all summer, ask your hair stylist about a keratin treatment that can smooth your hair and reduce frizz for months at a time.
  2. Flat hair. If your hair goes flat and can’t maintain a style in the summer, you need to start building body in the shower. Switch up your shampoo and conditioner to a volumizing set. After you wash your hair, add a volumizing spray or foam and blow dry with a round brush to enhance volume. When your hair is completely finished, use a light hairspray to keep it from falling flat. Texturizing spray can also work wonders. If you are unsure what products to use on your specific hair type, ask your hair stylist for suggestions.
  3. Dry hair. If your hair is becoming dry and dull from the elements, you need to amp up your moisturizing treatments and tone down the hot styling tools. Try a moisturizing mask for your hair. There are many DIY masks you can make with products or foods in your kitchen or pantry. You can also try a hot oil treatment to bring back moisture and shine.
  4. Damaged hair. If your hair is not only dull and dry, but damaged, you might want to get a haircut. If the ends are very damaged, the only way to fix them is to cut them off. If they aren’t so bad yet, prevent more damage by easing off the hot, styling tools. Never use them at the highest heat setting or avoid them altogether for a while.
  5. More specifically, chlorine damaged hair. Chlorine from pools can really wreck your hair and even turn it green if you have blonde hair. After you swim, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar, carbonated water and citrus juice to remove all of the chlorine naturally. Always wash your hair after swimming to remove the chlorine.
  6. Faded color from the sun. The sun can actually naturally highlight your hair, or mess up your already perfect color. If your color is fading faster from your time in the sun, make sure to use color protectant shampoo, conditioner and products while you’re in the sun. Try wearing a hat or pulling your hair into a low bun when outdoors to avoid fading color too.
  7. Oily hair. If your hair gets oily easily and it has gotten oilier as the summer began, be mindful about how often you wash your hair. Try washing a little less and using dry shampoo in between. Also, don’t use conditioner on your scalp. Instead use a clarifying and gentle shampoo and only condition the ends.

Do the summer elements mess with your hair? What types of issues do you encounter? Share with us!

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