At the end of a long day, most of us just want to jump into bed and drift off into dreamland. Not so fast! Just like it’s important to brush our teeth and wash our faces, we also should take a moment to tend to our hair.

Few of us sleep in one steady position all night, so as we toss and turn we are rubbing our hair on cotton pillow covers that can actually cause damage each night. The cotton rubs on our hair, which can cause split ends and also frizz out our locks. But this is easily remedied!

Here are a few fast and simple ways that we can protect our beautiful hair and make our mornings so much easier:

  • No Bands: Don’t leave your hair in a hairband when you sleep as they will cause breakage.
  • Brush: If you have straight or wavy hair, brush it before bed. Remember always brush from tip to root and use a natural bristle brush or a wide-tooth comb.
  • Oil/Pomade: If you have curly hair, rub some coconut oil, or anti-frizz ointment through your hair to tame and condition your curls before your wrap it in a scarf or hair cap for the night.
  • Condition: Bedtime is also a great time to use a deep conditioner. Wash and condition your hair as usual, then add a Deep Conditioner mask. Comb through and cover in a plastic shower cap, then add an additional cotton scarf or sleep cap to keep it on securely. In the morning rinse it out and enjoy the silky softness.Protecting Hair in Sleep
  • Wraps: If you use soft rollers or just want to protect your hair, twist it up and cover it in a silk or satin wrap, scarf or hair cap.
  • Silk: If you like super low maintenance, instead of wrapping your hair, make life easy by replacing your pillowcases with silk or satin cases. Your hair will glide across them keeping each strand stress free.


Consider using an overnight product like the Keranique Intensive Overnight Hair Repair Serum, which is formulated with ingredients that support natural cell renewal, it helps ensure that follicles continue to replenish during hair’s growth phase, while it energizes the scalp. It supplies necessary nutrients that help the follicle rebalance the hair growth cycle. Unlike many rinse off products, this intensive overnight treatment works while you sleep to help replenish and nourish; it helps provide improved growth conditions for hair. Find the method that works best for you and take good care of your hair each night for healthy happy morning hair!

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