It’s time for a little hair action! Here are our 3 favorite fast and easy fun hair color ideas:

  1. GEL IT! There are tubes of temporary hair colors that you can dye and style your hair all in one. They tend to dry hard so they’re perfect for spiking or adding to hairstyles that are pulled up or braided. They also wash out easily with regular shampoo.
  1. CHALK IT! If you are looking for a pastel color, you might want to try Hair Chalk! Apply it to dry hair and it’s stays with your swaying locks effortlessly. But make sure to spray it with hairspray so it doesn’t rub off on your clothes!
  1. CLIP IT! No, we don’t always have the time, and adding color to our hair makes some of us nervous. Grab a fun clip-on hair extension and have at it! They come in all colors including neon. Then try to find the same shade in a lipstick to complete the look. Come on, we’re supposed to be having fun here!

Get creative and have some fun. Check out Pinterest for more fun ideas like the current trend: rainbow hair!

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fun hair color

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