Some of us see our hair as our best accessory, but we can also cause it serious harm by overusing chemicals to dye, straighten, or curl it. Constant abuse of anything will have its breaking point, so before your hair is fried – it’s time to stop, revaluate, and make a change.

  • Depending on your routine, remove the bad habits like brushing wet hair, under conditioning, over bleaching or coloring, sleeping with hair bands, and overusing heat styling tools.
  • Get a deep conditioning, either with your hairdresser or using an overnight treatment at home. Follow up with weekly hot oil treatments or leave-in conditioners.
  • If your hair is not too badly damage, get a cut and take off at least a ½ inch above the split ends.
  • If you are going gray and have been dying your hair to cover it, you might want to consider letting it go grey. Grey is in, and there are many stylish cuts that make it look fun and sexy.
  • It’s very possible that the damage is serious and you may be better off going short and starting fresh. That might sound drastic to some, but it’s healthier in the long run and short cuts are hot right now.
  • If you are used to straightening your naturally curly or textured hair, heat and chemicals will weaken the hair and can do serious damage over the years. Letting your hair go natural is not only in style more than ever before, it also gives your hair a much-needed break to get strong again. There are plenty of styling products for curly hair that can help you achieve the look you want, so try small bottles until you find products you love.
  • Don’t forget that what we eat also affects our hair, so get your daily vitamins and minerals, ease off of fatty and sugary foods, and drink plenty of water!To learn more, visit Keranique, at HSN.

Hair Care for Damaged Hair

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  1. Genny Mangeri says:

    I live in Las Vegas and it is very dry, I color my hair and have hair Loss. I have Keranique have not tried it yet, I am 82 and I need help on what to use out of the Keranique pkg. please help

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