Wavy hair, also known as Type 2 hair, lives in the middle of curl and straight hair and is a light to medium coarse. It can easily go from polished to beach time easy breezy but sometimes, it can quickly frizz out or fall flat changing our whole mood.

Instead of grabbing a hat or slinging it up into a ponytail, here are a few ways to take care of our waves that just might do the trick.

  1. Hair Care Wavy HairFrizz is created by dry hair. Using a moisturizing shampoo (like Keranique) and leave-in conditioner will help tame the frizz with relative ease.
  2. Allowing your hair to air dry is healthier for your hair, and will also give it more volume.
  3. There are plenty of products to try out there, so look for a Curl Control Moose that you like to help add volume.
  4. Remember to use a wide-tooth comb (not a brush) when it’s wet to avoid frizz and breakage.
  5. Moisture is the key, so touch up with a little argan or coconut oil to add shine and control.
  6. Even when we’re trying to grow our hair out, we need to get regular trims. They will do away with all the split-ends and help avoid breakage.

Love your beautiful waves and take good care of them.

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