white orchid flowers hairWhether you’re anticipating a prom, high school reunion, a special anniversary, or your wedding day, having spectacular hair is probably on your mind. There are lots of issues to consider, from the cut to the right hair color, and of course, you want to ensure your hair looks healthy and shiny, and then there’s the really critical issue of choosing the right style. I totally get it! In fact, I think hair is kind of a big deal too. Read on for your ultimate countdown to great hair for your mane event!

Eight Weeks Before: Book Your Appointments!
If you’re hooked on a hairstylist, be sure to lock in your appointments ahead of time! From the cut and color to styling for your special occasion, it’s important to make sure your favorite hair stylist carves out time to give you the attention you need. You don’t want to be scrambling or stressed just days before the big event when you want to focus on being pampered and enjoying yourself. Call the salon and ask how far your stylist books out. Be sure to get your appointments on her calendar, remembering you can always make adjustments later if you need to.

Two to Four Weeks Before: Get the Cut
Depending on your particular style and haircut, you’ll want to allow plenty of days before the big event for your hair cut to mature. It takes time for your hair to settle into place after a cut, that’s why it’s a good idea to make the cut a few weeks beforehand to give it time to relax. Plus, if your stylist cuts it a little shorter than you like, this gives it some time to grow in a bit. For a trim, visit your stylist a month before. For more structured haircuts you may want to wait for two weeks ahead so it keeps its shape. Be sure to let your stylist know that you’re anticipating a big event, so he or she keeps taking that into consideration.

Two Weeks Before: Conditioning Treatments
You can’t underestimate how the health of your hair affects its overall appearance. Weekly conditioning treatments are a great way to nourish your hair with proteins, which are the building blocks of healthy hair, as well as moisture, to ensure your hair is in its best condition. Two weeks before your event is a great time to do a conditioning treatment. For ultimate results, apply conditioner and a shampoo cap and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse with cool water. Repeat the process a second time, one week before your event.

One Week Before: Color
When you want to look your best, fresh color is a must. That’s why it’s a good idea to wait until the week before to do your color. You want to have time to allow the color to mellow, and for discoloration on your scalp and skin to wear off, but also, after a week your hair will begin to show regrowth. Seven to ten days is the perfect timeline to ensure vibrant color that makes a statement for your big day

The Big Day: Style
The big event is here and you’ve taken all the steps to prep for your debut. With your special moment around the corner, you’ll want to make sure you allot an hour and a half for styling. This may seem excessive, and it probably is, but you also don’t want to feel rushed or short on time. By starting early, you have extra time in case of unexpected difficulty. Stay calm and have fun. Remember, what’s most important is soaking the moment and enjoying yourself. Enjoy your day- and smile, you’re radiant!

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