I’m excited for summer, it can’t come soon enough, not only because I get to hit the beach, but also because it’s the perfect opportunity to try something new with my hair color. But blonde and blonder aren’t the only shades for summer. With the hot summer sun, this summer’s hair colors aren’t getting warmer, and according to celebrity hair stylists, so should your hair color. From butter and bronze to deep, warm reds, this season is kicking off to color that’ll be sure to give you the summer glow you crave.

Bronze Ombre

Ombre has been around for a few years now, but this summer we’re seeing a new version that is fresh and glowing. The bronzed ombre is ideal for dark hair as it adds dimension and warmth without the harsh and dramatic contrast of a blonde ombre. Plus, it means less chemical damage and maintenance. To create the look, celebrity colorist David Adams advises to choose two or three lighter shades that are “blended through the middle and slightly lighter on the ends around the face, which keeps color away from new growth to minimize upkeep.” (featured in Elle)

Golden Goddess

Warm honey might be just the summer color for brunettes looking to lighten their look without going blonde. All over baby highlights are back, completed with the fresh, glowing colors of amber, honey, and caramel. Plus, with these subtle shades, you can go with a more finished look with regular retouches, or let it grow out into a subtle ombre. Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, and Eva Longoria are a few of our favorite celebs rocking the sweet honey glow this summer.

Butter Blonde

There’s worse places than a peaceful, air conditioned salon in the summer. If you’re not afraid of a little upkeep (think retouches every 4 to 6 weeks), then an all over buttery blonde may be the summer look for you. Plus butter blonde comes with the extra bonus of being ultra flattering for all skin tones. From actress Elle Fanning, to Kate Bosworth, celebs everywhere are embracing a brighter look this season with a platinum look finished with a warm buttery toner for an all over blonde bombshell look.

Jewel Tone Brights

The last couple summers have been all about pastels, but this summer is all about deeper shades. From violet and deep plum to Roger Rabbit’s Jessica in an electric ruby red, this season I love the bright, beautiful, bold and slightly subdued jewel tones. Talk to your stylist about brightening up your color with this innovative trend.

Sunset Red

If you’re looking to embrace a new hair color this summer, and aren’t afraid of the dramatic, then sunset red might be the summer palette for you. To get the sunset red of Emma Roberts and Isla Fisher, think about the warm reds that paint the evening sky from apricot, rose, and fiery orange. Talk to your stylist about the tones that are most flattering for your skin tone. Keep in mind, if an all over hair color is too much of a change, ombre, balayage, and subtle highlights are another way to paint the sky in your hair for a touch of summer beauty.

Lazy beach days and hot August nights are upon us. As the seasons mark a change in weather and the pace of our lives, they are also a great time to explore a different look. Whether you choose a bold and dramatic change, or subtle shift in shade or tone, this summer is a great opportunity to think about your hair color. Hit the salon and talk to your stylist about ways you can brighten, freshen, and add warmth to your color, for a signature shade that heats up your overall look.

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