keranique-long-hair-hairstylesIt’s easy to get stuck in a hairstyle routine, even when you have lots of hair and length to work with. The end result can be quite boring and monotonous.  Here are some exciting looks to try if you have long hair.



The ’70s are back so create curls that have a groovy Studio 54 vibe. To nail the glam disco-queen look, it’s important to concentrate the majority of the volume from midlength to ends. If you put volume up top, it’s going to look ’80s.



Wispy bangs have their place, but thick fringe emanates edginess. Paired with ever so slightly tousled strands, full bangs are surprisingly grown-up and cool. But keep in mind that they don’t necessarily work on everyone.



Beachy waves can work on medium and short hair, but true mermaid hair (as all Disney fans and marine biologists know) requires lots of length. With long hair, you’re free to build even more texture. “The length allows you to concentrate the messier portion of hair further down, away from the face,” says Rush. “So no matter how disheveled it gets, the final result still looks put-together.”



This is a look you can’t really achieve with short hair. You need voluminous curls for this look and they would quickly turn straight on shorter hair, taking away from its sophisticated glam. Concentrate the waves below your chin so the bouncy blowout looks easy-going rather than stiff or formal.



The height of this ponytail can elongate your face and complement your cheekbones beautifully.  You can re-create this look using a two-inch curling iron to give the hair a slight bend before bringing the front section up into a high ponytail with an elastic. Finish by smoothing out the top with a boar-bristle paddle brush. This will give it a baby-soft feel and take away the severity of the height.

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