Golden Blonde/Fair Skin

This shade of blonde works perfectly with light eyes and light skin. The secret is to make sure you do a multidimensional mix of butter, gold, and honey. This makes the color look natural—not bleached-out or over-processed..


Platinum Blonde/Fair Skin

The platinum hue is gorgeous with an edge and it’s tailor-made for those with fair skin because the shade is so close to your skin’s complexion. However, when your skin is this fair, you should try added strong colors to your face, such as red lips, so your facial features don’t get lost.

Bronde/Fair Skin

A brownish-blonde shade works because of its natural-looking warm roots and cascading buttery highlights. When roots are tinted slightly darker they provide richness and contrast helping the color blend gracefully with her fair skin. To create this look ask for a caramel base with lighter blonde tones through the midlength and ends, and pale highlights around the face. This will make the color look very natural.


Golden Ombré/Medium Skin

Sophisticated, golden-strawberry blonde has an extremely subtle ombré and you don’t get that harsh dark-to-light, so it’s a more modern version of an ombré. To get it, ask your colorist to add varying tones of honey highlights through the midlengths of your hair on top of a light brown base, keeping the ends ever-so-slightly lighter.


Honey/Medium Skin

If you want to go with honey blonde ask your colorist to leave your dark roots intact. That way, you’ll still have depth next to the skin.


Buttery/Dark Skin

This baby blonde shade works because of the dark base.  The darkness balances the blonde. To get the look, ask your colorist for cream and butter highlights.  Another tip when becoming this blonde: Go slowly. Lighten little by little over three or four appointments, so that your hair doesn’t turn too orange or red in the process.


Golden/Dark Skin

This stunning honey-ish hue looks natural and soft.  To achieve this look leave your roots dark (or ask your colorist to give you a dark brown base), then pile on several layers of highlights. You want some of them golden beige and some slightly lighter ones mixed in on top. Keeping the brown roots next to your skin ensures that you don’t become washed-out.

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