5 Steps to Growing Out Your Hair Quickly with StyleNo matter how much you may have initially enjoyed that trendy, fun short haircut when you first got it, the day may come when you tire of the look and wish to grow your hair out. But anyone who has grown their locks out recently will often lament about the awkward ‘in-between’ stage, wherein styling your hair becomes a significant challenge. So lets look at some practical steps for growing your hair out quickly and with a great deal of head-turning style.

1. First Things First: Begin With Healthy Hair

While every professional you meet will agree that healthy, shiny hair offers you the best opportunity to achieve the hair styles you want and healthy hair is also essential when you’re ready to grow your hair out. This is because as the hair begins to grow, if it is unhealthy, brittle or splitting, your efforts to grow the hair’s length will be counteracted with hair that begins breaking off in the process.

To achieve the healthiest hair possible, start with deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis. Those deep conditioners repair and strengthen the hair gradually, and their effects can often be seen very quickly.

Beyond deep conditioning treatments, though, it is also helpful to begin utilizing supplements specifically designed to strengthen your hair. Although taking certain supplements (such as the popular B-vitamin supplement Biotin) can take between three to six months before you begin seeing noticeable changes, research studies have concluded that biotin lengthens the hair follicles and stimulates the cells responsible for hair growth.

2. Aim For The Classic, Ever Stylish Bob

The classic bob haircut is always stylish and versatile, and it’s a great haircut to sport while lengthening your locks. Women who are letting go of the super short pixie cut often gravitate toward the bob, especially because the bob can be easily achieved with a layered haircut.Of course, if your hair is thick and textured, schedule regular appointments with your stylist, asking him or her to take some of the excess “weight” out of your hair. By doing so, you’ll be able to style the hair more easily and without using excessive heat styling to achieve the look you desire. By contrast, those with thinner hair can benefit from having the hair trimmed every other month, thereby keeping the ends under control.

3. A Little Texture, A Lot Of Sizzle

Once your bob has become a bit longer (thus becoming a ‘lob’), you’ll have a great deal of styling options available. One of the best ways to maintain a modern, feminine, flirty look is by adding texture. Create tousled waves by spritzing just a little texturizing spray onto your hair before curling it. You may also want to leave the ends a bit straighter, lending the look of a more casual, understated one.

4. Conceal Those Bangs!

If you have begun growing out your bangs, there comes a point in the growing out process whereby you begin searching for new ways to sweep the hair off your face while achieving a casual contemporary look. One of the best ways to do that is through the use of a super trendy hairline braid.

To achieve it, simply create a French braid, close to the scalp and near the hairline. You may need to have styling gel or hairspray on hand to keep the smaller hairs in place. It’s also a good idea to have some bobby pins readily available. By utilizing the hairline braid,that awkward in-between stage for your braids is hidden away neatly.

5. Sleek, Smooth And Oh-So Sexy

Another great way to conceal the fact that you’re growing out your bangs is to simply create a smooth and sleek style which artfully conceals the bangs. Utilize this only when the bangs are long enough to be tucked away. Simply create a deep side part, comb your hair to one side and pin the hair behind your ear using a bobby pin. You may wish to use some soft hold, texturizing gel to keep all the hairs in place, but be sure to add some moisturizing sheen all over the hair as well.

In conclusion, with a little imagination and the right in-between haircut and style, you can still rock a fun and fabulous look throughout the growing out period.

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