There’s something about effortless style that’s always a little sexier and more chic.

Whether it’s the no-makeup makeup look or lazy day outfit of a boyfriend sweater and skinny jeans, you can look seriously hot when it seems like you didn’t really try at all.

But my favorite of all the effortless looks has got be sexy, tousled bedhead. Giselle rocks the look on the regular, and it’s amazing how gorgeous she looks when it appears like she stumbled right out of bed without even running a brush through her locks.

The thing is, while the best bedhead looks totally effortless, it actually does require a little bit of effort. If you want to give the sultry look a try, here’s everything you need to know to get perfect bedhead so no one has to know that you haven’t come fresh from a nap.

Get Dirty

To get that messy, piece-y bedhead look, you definitely don’t want to start with freshly washed hair. Day old hair works best because it already has a little texture and your scalp’s natural oils help create separation and movement for your locks. If your hair is super greasy, though, you may want to use a little dry shampoo  at the roots to absorb the excess oil and help give your hair a little more texture and volume.

Boost Volume

Your hair may need a little extra help at the roots to boost its texture and give it more volume for the tousled look. Try spraying the roots with a lightweight hairspray  to build up volume and texture. You can also use a volumizing mousse like Keranique Thickening and Texturing  Mousse at the roots for the same effect.

Go Wavy

For tangled, wavy bedhead, you’ll want to bust out two curling irons – one with a large barrel of 1 and ½ inches or larger and one with a smaller barrel that’s about 1-inch wide. Divide your hair into one inch sections and alternate between using the large and small barrel irons to create different sized waves. After you curl a section, use a bobby pin or clip to pin it in place so it has time to set. When your curls are fully cooled, remove the pins and spritz your hair with a flexible hold hairspray. Flip your head upside down and rake your fingers through the curls to shake them out and separate them. Follow up with a brush to give the waves and curls less of a defined look, so your hair has that perfect messy, tousled feel.

Twist It

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, you don’t necessarily have to use curling irons to create the bedhead look. Instead, apply a spray wax all over your hair. Then grab random sections of your hair and twist them to help add texture and separate your locks for that sexy, piece-y bedhead look.

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