We all want more volume and thicker hair, but it can be tough to get without trying tons of products that weigh our hair down.

Here’s our foolproof way to get thicker, fuller looking hair!

Start with creating a solid base.  To get the most volume out of your hair, temporarily ditch the moisturizing shampoo for one that contains wheat protein or niacin. Moisturizing shampoos can weigh down your hair a bit, so even though we love them, when you want to create more volume, put aside that shampoo. Also, aim for a conditioner that is specifically formulated to add volume to your hair. Conditioners that have a heavy texture or leave a waxy residue are a no-no for voluminous locks.

Use volumizing products at your roots every time you style your hair. Height is added to your hair at the root, so it is extremely important to use products that will support the volume directly on your roots. Oily residue at the roots will flatten hair, so it is also crucial to eliminate excess oil.

Flip your hair upside down and spray a volumizing, holding spray at the roots. Our own Keranique Amplifying Lift Spray is lightweight and effective.  This will help hold roots in an upward position which gives your hair even more height. While your hair is upside down you can aggressively rub your roots with your fingertips and then quickly flip your hair back. This added friction will give you major volume.

Rock the right style! If you have long hair that is all one length you are seriously setting yourself back when it comes to getting the most volume. You can still have lengthy strands, but in order to have volume you need shorter layers so that your hair isn’t weighed down. To get volume in hair, you will need to have sections up top that are shorter than the lower sections. A few layers can make a huge difference.

Blow dry your hair with a round brush. This is probably the best tip, when it comes to adding volume in hair. Take small sections and pull them straight up, while blow-drying your hair from the roots to the ends. By manipulating your hair while it is still wet and restructuring the root, you will achieve more hair volume. For even more volume, spray each section after they dry and set them in pin curls.

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