Yes, I know that throwing your hair up in an easy ponytail is the easiest option on busy mornings.  But, don’t you get bored?  I’m sure you do, because I get bored looking at it. (J/K) (Not really.)  Ladies, I urge you to change up your hair routine.  It’s so easy to switch the game up every now and then.  Here are a few styles that you can use in place of your old faithful ponytail.

Try a sock bun: Just take a sock that is as near to your hair shade as possible and cut the tip of the toe off. Pull your hair up into  a ponytail. Wrap the sock around and then slide or pull it over the ponytail.  Starting with the tips of your hair , tuck the ends underneath the sock, and just  continue to roll the hair until it is fully rolled around the sock.  Secure it with 1-2 bobby pins and you are done.

Try the pseudo bob:  Get this sassy “short cut” without going near a pair of scissors. Put your hair in a loose low pony near your nape.  Simple roll you hair under to the desired bob length and use hair pins to keep it in place.  If you have thinner hair, mist a bit of lifting spray over the finished product for sexy volume.

Try a messy top knot:  Top knots are obnoxiously easy and right on trend.  To achieve this effortless look simple pull your hair into a super high pony.  Wrap it around into a loss bun.  Allow errant hairs to fall where they may.  Once again, (say it with me) secure with 1-2 hair pins.

And there you are.  Now, there are no more excuses for walking around with that tired ponytail.

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