Hair colors go in and out of fashion depending on trends. In 2022, it is anticipated that there will be several hair colors that you’ll start noticing everywhere. The best way to choose which hair color to get is to match it with your style preferences, as well as your personal ability to maintain upkeep. Included below is a list of the hair color trends that are expected to be in fashion in 2022 and guidance for which hair color look may be right for you.

Hair color trends of 2022:

  1. Sandy blonde is a hair color that is beige with cool and warm undertones distributed throughout it. This is a great hair color choice for those who want to skip getting platinum blonde and go for a more subtle, natural look. 
  2. Chocolate cherry is a hair color expected to be trending in 2022. This hair color is dark brown with undertones of red in it. This hair color is great for those who want to try out a more subtle red hair color. This hair color is also a great way to test the waters if you are considering whether you want to have red hair without the commitment of going completely red.
  3. Hair ribboning is a hair color where larger sections of the hair have highlights and color so that there is noticeable contrast. This is a great hair color choice for those who have a bold style and like the appearance of contrasting colors. It may complement your sense of style if you like to incorporate 1990’s trends into your look.
  4. Playground highlights is a hair color trend anticipated to gain further popularity in 2022. This is a hair color that gives the appearance of a natural sun lightening much like the one you might get from playing outside during childhood, hence the name playground highlights. This is a natural sun kissed look that can be achieved with subtle hair lightening. 
  5. Pumpkin Spice hair is a hair color trend that includes a warm chestnut brown with undertones of copper, as well as red. This hair color trend is reminiscent of fall and the ingredients included in pumpkin spice such as cinnamon and ginger as well as the orange color of pumpkin. This hair color is great for those who like a bold, rich and warm hairstyle that is eye-catching.
  6. Two-toned is a hair color style that has 2 different hair colors sometimes with one hair color underneath and one on the top layer and often half of the hair is one color while the half other is another color. These colors are typically very contrasting with one being a lighter shade while the other is darker. This hairstyle has become a popular trend recently, which originally had emerged in the 1990s. This is a great hairstyle choice for those who want to keep up with current trends but also enjoy styles that evoke nostalgia.
  7. Bronde is a hair color that combines brown with blonde. This is a great hair color choice for those who want a low maintenance look since it can extend how long you can wait to have your roots touched up due to the gradient ombre fade making the roots blend in with the rest of the hair. 

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